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  • Elizabeth Duhe's  photo

    Elizabeth Duhe

    Elizabeth Duhe's favorite part about playing the Lottery... More
  • Jonathan Mares's  photo

    Jonathan Mares

    Jonathan Mares recently got some fast funding for his trip t... More
  • Dian Lawless's  photo

    Dian Lawless

    "The first thought that crossed my mind was that I had... More
  • Michael Thibodeaux's  photo

    Michael Thibodeaux

    "Am I dreaming?" Michael Thibodeaux recalls thinki... More
  • Larry Dreyer's  photo

    Larry Dreyer

    Larry Dreyer recently won $1,000 playing $500 Frenzy at Staz... More
  • Cody Johnson's  photo

    Cody Johnson

    Cody Johnson purchased his winning Summer Cash scratch off a... More
  • Sontonia Green's  photo

    Sontonia Green

    After seeing the new ticket's display, Sontonia Green re... More
  • Jaquilla Allen's  photo

    Jaquilla Allen

    Jaquilla Allen is going "straight to the car lot"... More
  • Ricky McDaniel's  photo

    Ricky McDaniel

    Ricky purchased his winning ticket at Four Corners on W. Lin... More
  • Shirley Nash's  photo

    Shirley Nash

    Shirley Nash of Natchitoches probably didn't expect to r... More
  • Terri Kleinpeter's  photo

    Terri Kleinpeter

    Terri purchased her winning ticket at Albertson's #3713... More
  • Keander Douglas's  photo

    Keander Douglas

    Keander Douglas was just finishing up her East Baton Rouge b... More
  • Warren Gobert's  photo

    Warren Gobert

    California resident Warren Gobert won a free scratch-off tic... More
  • Brittany Kirby's  photo

    Brittany Kirby

    Brittany Kirby won the top prize for scratch-off $11,000 ace... More
  • Annette Petitt's  photo

    Annette Petitt

    Annette Petitt was very excited to learn that she won $1,000... More


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  • This compilation does not include every Lottery winner.