Willie Rickett Jr.'s Hit 5,000 winner photo
GameHit 5,000
RetailerRacetrac #653

Willie Rickett Jr. of Lafayette stopped by RaceTrac on his way home and decided to purchase some Hit $5,000 scratch-offs. He was having fun playing the game and winning smaller prizes. The thrill and fun of the game kept him playing, and then something amazing happened: he won the $5,000 top prize!

"Thank you, Jesus!" he said, "I only told God about it!"

He plans to use the money to help his kids with school, but anything left over will be for him to spend on whatever he wants!

Mr. Rickett says he hopes to come back to the Lottery office as a winner another day to have a great day "on purpose". Congratulations! 

Racetrac #653 Map