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  • Sherri Ferguson's  photo

    Sherri Ferguson

    Monroe resident Sherri Ferguson is $500 richer after her rec... More
  • Tyrone Clark's  photo

    Tyrone Clark

    Alexandria resident Tyrone Clark was "astonished"... More
  • Pamela Davis's  photo

    Pamela Davis

    "I just felt so overwhelmed," Winner Pamela Davis... More
  • William Enterkin's  photo

    William Enterkin

    William Enterkin says it feels great to win $1,000 playing B... More
  • Dona Prather's  photo

    Dona Prather

    Colfax resident Dona Prather said she just can't believe... More
  • Crystal Ayala's  photo

    Crystal Ayala

    Crystal Ayala said she was excited and shocked to discover s... More
  • Anna Mathews's  photo

    Anna Mathews

    Congratulations to Alexandria resident Anna Mathews! She rec... More
  • Lennet Johnson's  photo

    Lennet Johnson

    Lennet purchased her winning ticket at Pennywise #22 on Jane... More
  • Theresa Robinson's  photo

    Theresa Robinson

    Congratulations to Theresa Robinson on her $100,000 Jumbo Bu... More
  • Shaterica Johnson's  photo

    Shaterica Johnson

    Congratulations to Shaterica Johnson on her $3,000 Aces win!... More
  • Carroll Olivier, II's  photo

    Carroll Olivier, II

    Carroll purchased his winning ticket at Circle K #2741729 on... More
  • Kenneth Price's  photo

    Kenneth Price

    Congratulations to Kenneth Price! The Castor resident won $1... More
  • Rodney Ballard, Sr.'s  photo

    Rodney Ballard, Sr.

    Congratulations to Rodney Ballard, Sr. on his $20,000 top-pr... More
  • Valeri Moree's  photo

    Valeri Moree

    "It didn't register at first," winner Valeri M... More
  • Dwayne Pullen's  photo

    Dwayne Pullen

    Congratulations to Dwayne Pullen on his $100,000 In the Mone... More


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  • This compilation does not include every Lottery winner.