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  • Doris Augustine's  photo

    Doris Augustine

    Doris purchased her winning ticket at Murphy USA #7045, loca... More
  • Melvin Cummings's  photo

    Melvin Cummings

    Melvin purchased his winning ticket at Delta Discount in Del... More
  • Delia Odom's  photo

    Delia Odom

    Delia purchased her winning ticket from Hilgers Texaco in Le... More
  • Sonia Deschamp's  photo

    Sonia Deschamp

    Sonia purchased her winning ticket at Denham Springs Super S... More
  • Troy Houghton's  photo

    Troy Houghton

    Troy purchased his ticket at Mel-Star Inc. in Morgan City. H... More
  • Christopher Carey's  photo

    Christopher Carey

    Christopher bought his winning ticket at Shop Rite #69 in Su... More
  • Jeffrey Curle's  photo

    Jeffrey Curle

    Jeffrey purchased his winning ticket at Bergeron's On Th... More
  • Kendra Harris's  photo

    Kendra Harris

    Kendra purchased her ticket at Cracker Barrel #32 in St. Fra... More
  • Keiara Lee's  photo

    Keiara Lee

    Keiara purchased her ticket at Chippewa Super Store in Baton... More
  • Roland Key's  photo

    Roland Key

    Roland Key and his wife Belinda purchased their winning tick... More
  • Veronica Glasper's  photo

    Veronica Glasper

    Victoria purchased her winning ticket at Brothers Food Mart... More
  • Sharon Bowlin's  photo

    Sharon Bowlin

    Sharon purchased her top-prize winning ticket from J Mart in... More
  • Phoebe Lewis's  photo

    Phoebe Lewis

    Phoebe purchased her winning ticket at Racetrac #642 in Lafa... More
  • Sybil Dixon's  photo

    Sybil Dixon

    Sybil purchased her winning ticket at Ponstein's of Slid... More
  • Schorn Jones's  photo

    Schorn Jones

    Schorn purchased his winning ticket at Now Save #4 in West M... More


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  • This compilation does not include every Lottery winner.