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  • Calvin Ross's  photo

    Calvin Ross

    Calvin purchased his winning ticket at Wag-A-Bag on Polk Str... More
  • Dorothy Guillory's  photo

    Dorothy Guillory

    Rayne resident Dorothy Guillory said she got a "very go... More
  • Corey Buggs's  photo

    Corey Buggs

    Corey Buggs of Summerfield recently became $1,000 richer whe... More
  • Joseph Picou's  photo

    Joseph Picou

    Chauvin resident Joseph Picou said he felt 'just fine... More
  • John Kibodeaux's  photo

    John Kibodeaux

    John purchased his winning ticket at Eddie's One Stop on... More
  • Steve Messer's  photo

    Steve Messer

    Congratulations to Steve Messer of Roanoke for winning the t... More
  • Kenneth Sonnier's  photo

    Kenneth Sonnier

    Congratulations to Kenneth Sonnier of Eunice for winning $20... More
  • Mary Box's  photo

    Mary Box

    Wisner resident Mary Box said she had to take a second look... More
  • Karen Mitchell's  photo

    Karen Mitchell

    Karen Mitchell (pictured right) recently won the top prize o... More
  • Jimmie Frazier's  photo

    Jimmie Frazier

    Jimmie Frazier immediately called her husband after discover... More
  • David Roche's  photo

    David Roche

    Congratulations to Erath resident David Roche on his recent... More
  • Darrellisa Reese's  photo

    Darrellisa Reese

    "I couldn't believe it!" Darrellisa Reese reca... More
  • Willie Varnado's  photo

    Willie Varnado

    Congratulations to Lake Charles resident Willie Varnado on h... More
  • Penny Henry's  photo

    Penny Henry

    Penny purchased her winning ticket at Galvez Super Stop on L... More
  • Derek Trail's  photo

    Derek Trail

    Congratulations to Lake Charles resident Derek Trail on winn... More


  • Winners appearing here are only those who granted the Lottery permission for publicity
  • This compilation does not include every Lottery winner.