The Louisiana Lottery Official App gives YOU the Power to Play Your Way! 

It’s a Ticket Checker!

Scan the barcode on the front of your draw-style and scratch-off game tickets with your device's camera to determine whether it is a winner and the amount of the win!  Results are saved as a reminder to cash in and are updated as future drawings occur on multidraw tickets. 

It’s a Virtual Mobile Playslip!

Prepare your own digital playslips – any time, any place – and save them for when you are ready to purchase. Because your play selections and the ticket cost are available before you reach checkout, your purchase experience is transparent and effortless when your ticket is created at retail.

Fun, New Ways to Choose Numbers!

Personalize your play with fun, unique ways to select your draw-style game numbers, including quick-pick, self-selection, using saved favorite numbers, rolling the dice, shaking your phone, or using statistics of winning number frequency over the last year. 


  • Scan your own tickets with your device’s camera to see if they are winners and the amount of the win. (Note: Original tickets are still needed to claim a prize.)
  • Save time by creating and saving your own digital playslips that can be scanned on your device to create actual tickets for purchase at licensed Louisiana Lottery retailers.
  • Add, edit and save plays to digital playslips using app-exclusive ways like saved favorite numbers and winning number frequency outcomes.
  • Locate the closest Louisiana Lottery retailer to purchase your tickets or redeem winning tickets.
  • Discover the latest jackpots for all games offered by the Louisiana Lottery.
  • Find out the latest winning numbers and results for all Louisiana Lottery games and share them.
  • Check out active scratch-off games, including top prizes remaining and percentage of winners claimed. 
  • Enter app-exclusive surveys and promotions and get info on upcoming Lottery in-store or social media promotions.
  • Opt in for jackpot alerts, play reminders, winner news and new game notifications.


How To Use


Check out these resources to get the most out of the Louisiana Lottery Official Mobile App!

How to Use the Louisiana Lottery Official Mobile App Video

Retailer Mobile App Training Video

Mobile App Guide

A printable guide walks through the basic functions of the Louisiana Lottery Official Mobile App, including instructions for creating playslips, using the different number selection methods available on the app, checking your scratch-off and draw-style game tickets using the app and more.





You cannot purchase a ticket directly from the mobile app, but you can create and save a digital playslip to save you time when you purchase your ticket at a Lottery retailer.

1. Select a Game.
Choose any Louisiana Lottery draw-style game tile from the home screen or swipe up or down for more game options. From the game, lobby, tap the CREATE PLAYSLIP button.
2. Choose Your Numbers.
The app gives you lots of ways to choose your numbers, by tapping the icons at the top of the playslip creation screen.  The available ways to play will vary based on the game.
3. Review & Save Your Playslip.
After adding your first play to your playslip, you can continue adding plays (up to 5) to your playslip by selecting the icons at the top of the screen or simply shaking your device to add a Dice play. Edit a play by selecting it.  A Manual Pick screen will appear for you to make your changes. Delete a play by swiping to the left or tap the trashcan icon to remove all plays.
You can also select other game add-ons or options on this screen as well as the number of drawings in which you would like to play the numbers on your playslip.  The Playslip screen will default to one drawing.  The total cost of ticket will appear in the bottom of the screen. 
When you are satisfied with all of your plays and selections, tap the SAVE button and your digital playslip will appear. Show this code at any retailer to create and purchase your ticket!

You can select favorite numbers to have them available for use across games. To use favorite numbers, you must select them using the Favorite Numbers button located in your User Account, which can be accessed from the app home screen by tapping the head icon in the upper right hand corner.  Select your favorite or tap again to unselect. When you are satisfied with your choices, tap the checkmark button.

To use your Favoirte Numbers on your playslip, select the heart icon on the playslip creation screen.  Select from your favorite numbers the ones you want to use or tap again to unselect. Only the favorite numbers that fall within that game’s matrix will be available for selection. When you are satisfied with your selections, tap the checkmark icon  in the upper right hand of the screen. These numbers will be added to a Favorites play on your playslip.  If you select fewer than the total numbers needed to complete the play, the app will automatically generate the remaining number(s).


The mobile app ticket checker can only display winning information for drawings that have occurred. If you scan your ticket before the drawing your ticket is valid for or if your ticket is valid for drawings that still remain, the message will display that the ticket is NOT YET A WINNER and that there are pending drawings on your ticket.

You do not have to scan your ticket again. After the drawing has occurred, visit the "Checked Tickets" area of the app, located in the User Account, which can be accessed by tapping the head icon on the app home screen. A list of all previously scanned tickets is stored here. Tap on the ticket you are interested and updated results will appear.

If your ticket has not won a prize on a previous drawing, but still has drawings remaining, the message will continue to indicate NOT YET A WINNER and will display the number of  pending drawings. The NOT A WINNER message will only appear after all drawings have occurred and a prize is not won in any of them.

There may be a few reasons why the app, displays the message Not Active when scanning a scratch-off ticket. Most likely, the retailer who sold you the ticket has forgotton to activate the pack of tickets prior to selling. Please contact the Lottery at 225-297-2000 and have the ticket in question available so that we may assist in resolving the issue.

This message may also display if you have a ticket in which the prize has expired. Scratch-off games must be claimed within 90 days of the announced game closure date. For a list of expired games, click here. For a list of games with approaching claim redemption deadlines, click here.

Draw-style game tickets must be claimed within 180 days of the drawing. Once the respective claim time period has passed, the prize is expired. Expired prizes cannot be paid.

No, you do not have to wait until all the drawings have occurred on a multidraw ticket in order to claim a prize from a previous drawing. If you choose to claim your prize, you will receive an Exchange ticket that is good for the balance of any pending drawings at the time. The ticket that you cashed will not display as PAID in the app's Checked Tickets listl located in the User Account, which can be accessed by tapping the head icon located on the app home screen.  Since the Exchange ticket is now the active ticket for pending drawings, you must check/scan this replacement ticket to continue to track any winning information for those drawings.

According to Lottery administrative and game rules, a valid, original, printed winning ticket is required to claim a prize. The winner message using the Lottery's ticket checking function on the app is NOT a negotiable instrument. 

Congratulations on creating your playslip. To use it to purchase a ticket, you must present the digital playslip code to be scanned at any Lottery retailer. Every time you save a playslip, a QR code will appear along with the price of the ticket. You can retrieve the playslip code at a later time in the app by selecting the Saved  Playslips button located in your User Account,  which can be accessed by tapping the head icon in the upper right hand corner of the app home screen.

The Saved Playslips screen will display all the playslips  you have saved, as well as their cost and the date you created them.  You can sort by game, date and ticket cost.  Find the playslip you want and tap on the code icon to retrieve the digital playslip code to present to your Lottery retailer.

The Lottery's mobile app allows you to select your numbers for many draw-style game based on their frequency or infrequency of being drawn over the last year's worth of drawings. To do this, select the Statistics (bar graph) icon as you are creating your playslip.

The Statistics screen defaults to display Times Since Drawn, with the ball numbers displayed on the left and the number of drawings since they were drawn on the right.  The list defaults to display the results in decending order so that those numbers that have had the most drawings without being drawn appear at the top. By tapping the down-arrow button in the top bar of the screen, you can reorder the list to see the numbers that have been drawn most recently.

Alternatively, you can select the Times Drawn button to display the total number of drawings in which the number was drawn in the last year. The list defaults to display the results in decending order so that those numbers that have been drawin the most in the last year appear at the top. Again, you can tap the down-arrow button to reorder the list to see the numnbers that have been drawn least in the last year.

Tap a ball number to add it to your play; to unselect a number, tap it again.  Your selections will appear at bottom of the screen. To clear all of your selection at once, tap the trash can icon. When you are satisfied with your selections, tap the NEXT button to have the Statistics play added to your playslip. If you select fewer that the total numbers needed to complete the play, the app will automatically generate the remaining number(s) needed.