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  • Marty Fletcher's  photo

    Marty Fletcher

    "I wasn't sure I had won!" Winner Marty Fletch... More
  • Gerry Bennefiel's  photo

    Gerry Bennefiel

    Congratulations to Gray resident Gerry Bennefiel on his rece... More
  • Celeste Bellard's  photo

    Celeste Bellard

    Celeste Bellard was 'shocked' to discover she won $1... More
  • Sharell Gonzales's  photo

    Sharell Gonzales

    Congratulations to Sharell Gonzales on her Crossword Multipl... More
  • Sherrie Loyd's  photo

    Sherrie Loyd

    Ferriday resident Sherrie Loyd was "surprised and excit... More
  • Amber Soileau's  photo

    Amber Soileau

    Amber Soileau got an exciting surprise when she went to clai... More
  • Heather Moore's  photo

    Heather Moore

    Heather Moore got one BIG birthday present after scratching... More
  • Melvin Morgan's  photo

    Melvin Morgan

    "I could barely sleep last night!" Winner Melvin M... More
  • Matthew Richard's  photo

    Matthew Richard

    "Is this real?!" Matthew Richard thought after win... More
  • Daniel Williams's  photo

    Daniel Williams

    Daniel Williams is on a roll! The Breaux Bridge resident won... More
  • Walter Bynum's  photo

    Walter Bynum

    Winner Walter Bynum said the $1 ticket Make My Day was on hi... More
  • Kayla Trahan's  photo

    Kayla Trahan

    Deridder resident Kayla Trahan won the first top prize for S... More
  • Terry Shields's  photo

    Terry Shields

    Congratulations to Lafayette resident Terry Shields on her r... More
  • Dale Massey's  photo

    Dale Massey

    Dale Massey got the exciting news that he won playing Crazy... More
  • Sandra Moore's  photo

    Sandra Moore

    Congratulations to North Carolina resident, Sandra Moore on... More


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  • This compilation does not include every Lottery winner.