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  • Kenneth Price's  photo

    Kenneth Price

    Congratulations to Kenneth Price! The Castor resident won... More
  • Rodney Ballard, Sr.'s  photo

    Rodney Ballard, Sr.

    Congratulations to Rodney Ballard, Sr. on his $20,000... More
  • Valeri Moree's  photo

    Valeri Moree

    "It didn't register at first," winner Valeri Moree... More
  • Dwayne Pullen's  photo

    Dwayne Pullen

    Congratulations to Dwayne Pullen on his $100,000 In... More
  • Kristin Parker's  photo

    Kristin Parker

    Congratulations to Alexandria resident Kristin Parker on her... More
  • Chasity Gray's  photo

    Chasity Gray

    "Wooo! I'm going to get my hair done,"... More
  • Ariel Reyes's  photo

    Ariel Reyes

    Ariel Reyes was very excited to discover his... More
  • Brett Bordelon's  photo

    Brett Bordelon

    "This can't be real!" Winner Brett Bordelon thought... More
  • Elizabeth Lasyone's  photo

    Elizabeth Lasyone

    "Stuff like this doesn't happen to me," Elizabeth... More
  • Alex Courtney's  photo

    Alex Courtney

    Army veteran and Baton Rouge resident Alex Courtney... More
  • Harold Gosdin Jr.'s  photo

    Harold Gosdin Jr.

    Harold Gosdin Jr. received the surprise of a... More
  • Kathryn Jordan's  photo

    Kathryn Jordan

    Congratulations to Kathryn Jordan on her $100,000 scratch-off... More


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  • This compilation does not include every Lottery winner.