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  • Clarence Thomas's  photo

    Clarence Thomas

    Clarence Thomas was unbelievably happy to find out he won a... More
  • Johnny Lebouef's  photo

    Johnny Lebouef

    Johnny Lebouef couldn't beleive he won a $30,000 top pri... More
  • Larry Hawkins's  photo

    Larry Hawkins

    Larry Hawkins couldn't sleep the night before coming int... More
  • Nioakca Mott's  photo

    Nioakca Mott

    Nioakca Mott of Sulphur said, "Whoa!! I can buy a house... More
  • Joshua Bel's  photo

    Joshua Bel

    Joshua Bel's $30,000 top-prize winning $3 Electric Cross... More
  • Janet Robinson's  photo

    Janet Robinson

    Congratulation to Sterlington resident Janet Robinson who wo... More
  • George Lewis IV's  photo

    George Lewis IV

    George Lewis IV of Shreveport really liked how the $5 Show M... More
  • Tiuna Jackson's  photo

    Tiuna Jackson

    Tiuna Jackson of Monroe was excited to learn that the $10 Br... More
  • Michael Francois's  photo

    Michael Francois

    At first, Michael Francois of Morgan City couldn't belie... More
  • Terri Williams's  photo

    Terri Williams

    Terri Williams of New Iberia was shocked to see that her $3... More
  • Abbigail Monk's  photo

    Abbigail Monk

    Abbigail Monk of Dubach was overwhelled to discover her $1 M... More
  • Ronnie Champagne's  photo

    Ronnie Champagne

    Ronnie Champagne's daughter bought her parents a Lady Lu... More
  • Rose White's  photo

    Rose White

    Rose White was so excited to discover she won a $1,000 prize... More
  • Nicole Vidito's  photo

    Nicole Vidito

    It couldn't have been more appropriate that Nicole Vidit... More
  • Kristy Johnson's  photo

    Kristy Johnson

    Congratulations to Kristy Johnson of Winnsboro who won $1,00... More


  • Winners appearing here are only those who granted the Lottery permission for publicity
  • This compilation does not include every Lottery winner.