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  • Anthony Robinson's  photo

    Anthony Robinson

    Congratulations to Deridder resident Anthony Robinson on his... More
  • Corwin Petteway's  photo

    Corwin Petteway

    Congratulations to Corwin Petteway on his $1,000 Power Play... More
  • Tonya Thompson's  photo

    Tonya Thompson

    Tonya Thompson plans to buy her son a new game with the $500... More
  • Kenneth Jones's  photo

    Kenneth Jones

    Congratulations to Kenneth Jones on his $1,000 Power Play Cr... More
  • James Haley's  photo

    James Haley

    Congratulations to James Haley on his $200,000 win! Read Jam... More
  • Donald Stephens's  photo

    Donald Stephens

    Congratulations to Donald Stephens on his $500 Triple Play w... More
  • Rhonda Perkins's  photo

    Rhonda Perkins

    "I thought I won $25, four corners" Dequincy resid... More
  • Dameon Levine's  photo

    Dameon Levine

    "I never buy $10 tickets," Winner Dameon Levine to... More
  • Sharon Garrett's  photo

    Sharon Garrett

    "I couldn't believe it!" Sharon Garrett recall... More
  • David Solomon's  photo

    David Solomon

    David Solomon recently won $2,000 playing $1 scratch-off, Lu... More
  • Linda Price's  photo

    Linda Price

    Congratulations to Pleasant Hill resident Linda Price on her... More
  • Kevin Connor's  photo

    Kevin Connor

    Kevin purchased his winning ticket at Circle K #8173 on Walk... More
  • Maryland McVay's  photo

    Maryland McVay

    Maryland purchased her winning ticket at Delta Mini Mart #8... More
  • Vernon Orange's  photo

    Vernon Orange

    Vernon purchased his winning ticket at Winn Dixie Store #147... More
  • Corey Hoff's  photo

    Corey Hoff

    Corey purchased his winning ticket at Raceway 6731 on North... More


  • Winners appearing here are only those who granted the Lottery permission for publicity
  • This compilation does not include every Lottery winner.