Victoria Stein's Power 5x winner photo
GamePower 5X
HometownGolden Meadow
RetailerGo-Bears #29

Victoria Stein of Golden Meadow purchased a Power 5X scratch-off from her local Go Bears retailer at random. After playing the game, she wasn't sure if she was a winner or not.

"I thought I was reading my scratch-off wrong, so I brought it to my nephew and asked him to take a look at it," she said. A look of pure shock went across her nephew's face.

"Did I just win $5,000?" Victoria asked excitedly. 

"Yeah, I think you just won $5,000!" he responded, matching her excitement. 

He was right, Victoria's ticket was a $5,000 top prize winner! She plans to use some of her winnings on a very nice dinner and will put the rest in her savings account. Congratulations, Victoria!

Go-bears #29 Map