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  • Lisa Lewinski's  photo

    Lisa Lewinski

    "Did I really just win $1,000 dollars?!" Lisa Lewi... More
  • Candis Hemphill's  photo

    Candis Hemphill

    Hammond resident Candis Hemphill discovered her $30,000 Diam... More
  • Serenthia Love's  photo

    Serenthia Love

    "I couldn't believe I won. I had to look at it seve... More
  • Elisa James's  photo

    Elisa James

    "Great!" is how Ruston resident Elisa James felt w... More
  • Joshua Brown's  photo

    Joshua Brown

    "I was in disbelief," winner Joshua Brown recalled... More
  • Harry L. Benton Jr.'s  photo

    Harry L. Benton Jr.

    Harry purchased his winning ticket at Circle K Store #270683... More
  • Haley Lemonia's  photo

    Haley Lemonia

    Congratulations to Haley Lemonia from Lake Charles! She rece... More
  • Brandon Smith's  photo

    Brandon Smith

    Congratulations to Quitman resident Brandon Smith on his rec... More
  • Fidel Pizano's  photo

    Fidel Pizano

    Congratulations to Fidel Pizano on his recent $1,000 win! Fi... More
  • Nicky Deleon's  photo

    Nicky Deleon

    Congratulations to Nicky Deleon of Lake Charles on her recen... More
  • Jeremy Joseph's  photo

    Jeremy Joseph

    "I couldn't believe it," winner Jeremy Joseph... More
  • Ellie Leger's  photo

    Ellie Leger

    Washington resident Ellie Leger said she didn't believe... More
  • Michael Hyatt's  photo

    Michael Hyatt

    Congratulations to Michael Hyatt of Abbeville! He recently w... More
  • Cynthia Cervantes's  photo

    Cynthia Cervantes

    Cynthia Cervantes recently won the top prize of $4,000 playi... More
  • David Brown's  photo

    David Brown

    Congratulations to Baton Rouge resident David Brown on his r... More


  • Winners appearing here are only those who granted the Lottery permission for publicity
  • This compilation does not include every Lottery winner.