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  • Elizabeth Lasyone's  photo

    Elizabeth Lasyone

    "Stuff like this doesn't happen to me," Elizab... More
  • Alex Courtney's  photo

    Alex Courtney

    Army veteran and Baton Rouge resident Alex Courtney is happy... More
  • Harold Gosdin Jr.'s  photo

    Harold Gosdin Jr.

    Harold Gosdin Jr. received the surprise of a lifetime when p... More
  • Kathryn Jordan's  photo

    Kathryn Jordan

    Congratulations to Kathryn Jordan on her $100,000 scratch-of... More
  • Chasity Conley's  photo

    Chasity Conley

    "I didn't think it was real!" Chasity Conley s... More
  • Walter Neusetzer's  photo

    Walter Neusetzer

    First-time winner Walter Neusetzer only started playing scra... More
  • Sheila Burns's  photo

    Sheila Burns

    Sheila Burns recently won $1,000 playing In the Money! The J... More
  • Norweitta Damron's  photo

    Norweitta Damron

    "I was in disbelief," Texas resident Norweitta Dam... More
  • Princess Allen's  photo

    Princess Allen

    Congratulations to Tallulah resident Princess Allen on her b... More
  • Leroy Jenkins's  photo

    Leroy Jenkins

    Congratulations to Leroy Jenkins on winning $1,000 playing S... More
  • George E. Lee Jr.'s  photo

    George E. Lee Jr.

    Congratulations to Baton Rouge resident George E. Lee Jr! Th... More
  • Marty Fletcher's  photo

    Marty Fletcher

    "I wasn't sure I had won!" Winner Marty Fletch... More
  • Gerry Bennefiel's  photo

    Gerry Bennefiel

    Congratulations to Gray resident Gerry Bennefiel on his rece... More
  • Celeste Bellard's  photo

    Celeste Bellard

    Celeste Bellard was 'shocked' to discover she won $1... More
  • Sharell Gonzales's  photo

    Sharell Gonzales

    Congratulations to Sharell Gonzales on her Crossword Multipl... More


  • Winners appearing here are only those who granted the Lottery permission for publicity
  • This compilation does not include every Lottery winner.