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  • Jamison Girouard's  photo

    Jamison Girouard

    Winner Jamison Girouard thought his lucky 50X scratch-off... More
  • Americo Simoncelli's  photo

    Americo Simoncelli

    Congratulations to Thibodaux winner Americo Simoncelli and his... More
  • Carolyn Wagner's  photo

    Carolyn Wagner

    Carolyn Wagner was very excited to learn about... More
  • Justin Carter's  photo

    Justin Carter

    Congratulations to Delcambre resident Justin Carter on his... More
  • CJ Lambert's  photo

    CJ Lambert

    CJ Lambert couldn't believe what he was seeing... More
  • Natasha Georgetown's  photo

    Natasha Georgetown

    While shopping at Hit N Run Food Stores... More
  • Darren Watts's  photo

    Darren Watts

    "Wow!" Darren Watts thought as he scratched off... More
  • Kris Leonard's  photo

    Kris Leonard

    Congratulations to 20X Payout winner Kris Leonard! Kris,... More
  • Roy Ross's  photo

    Roy Ross

    Roy Ross felt 'great!' when he scratched off... More
  • Tyrone Burns's  photo

    Tyrone Burns

    Monroe resident Tyrone Burns is starting off the... More
  • Jene Williams's  photo

    Jene Williams

    "I won on my first try... no way!!"... More
  • Brandon Mitchell's  photo

    Brandon Mitchell

    Brandon purchased his winning ticket at Pine Hill... More
  • Anthony Robinson's  photo

    Anthony Robinson

    Congratulations to Deridder resident Anthony Robinson on his... More
  • Corwin Petteway's  photo

    Corwin Petteway

    Congratulations to Corwin Petteway on his $1,000 Power... More
  • Tonya Thompson's  photo

    Tonya Thompson

    Tonya Thompson plans to buy her son a... More


  • Winners appearing here are only those who granted the Lottery permission for publicity
  • This compilation does not include every Lottery winner.