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  • Michael Heisser's  photo

    Michael Heisser

    Congratulations to Folsom resident Michael Heisser on his... More
  • Myron Tatum's  photo

    Myron Tatum

    Farmerville resident Myron Tatum said it felt great... More
  • Sandra Macie's  photo

    Sandra Macie

    Sandra Macie was "so excited" to discover her... More
  • Leroy Jenkins's  photo

    Leroy Jenkins

    Leroy Jenkins was ecstatic to learn his Ca$h... More
  • Jennifer Arsenault's  photo

    Jennifer Arsenault

    Congratulations to Jennifer Arsenault for winning the $4,000... More
  • Patrick Ardoin's  photo

    Patrick Ardoin

    Patrick Ardoin started "screaming with joy" after discovering... More
  • Isaac Washington's  photo

    Isaac Washington

    "I was excited," St. Francisville resident Isaac Washington... More
  • Irene Odom's  photo

    Irene Odom

    Irene purchased her winning ticket at Tobacco Plus... More
  • Carolyn Fregia's  photo

    Carolyn Fregia

    Carolyn purchased her winning ticket at Tobacco Plus... More
  • Alvin Cage Sr's  photo

    Alvin Cage Sr

    Congratulations again to Alvin Cage Sr on his... More
  • James Campbell's  photo

    James Campbell

    Congratulations to Ferriday resident James Campbell! James recently... More
  • Shane Chiasson's  photo

    Shane Chiasson

    Congratulations to Shane Chiasson on his $12,000 King... More
  • Sherri Ferguson's  photo

    Sherri Ferguson

    Monroe resident Sherri Ferguson is $500 richer after... More
  • Tyrone Clark's  photo

    Tyrone Clark

    Alexandria resident Tyrone Clark was "astonished" to learn... More
  • Pamela Davis's  photo

    Pamela Davis

    "I just felt so overwhelmed," Winner Pamela Davis... More


  • Winners appearing here are only those who granted the Lottery permission for publicity
  • This compilation does not include every Lottery winner.