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  • Terry McFarlain's  photo

    Terry McFarlain

    Terry purchased his winning ticket at Hobo's Deli on Eas... More
  • Sheila Shorter's  photo

    Sheila Shorter

    Congratulations to Sheila Shorter on her $800 Mega Millions... More
  • Shannon Toucet's  photo

    Shannon Toucet

    Congratulations to Shannon Toucet on his $1,000 Mega Million... More
  • Vince Dorsey's  photo

    Vince Dorsey

    "It just doesn't seem real," Winner Vince Dors... More
  • Luther Barnett's  photo

    Luther Barnett

    Congratulations to Luther Barnett on his big Mega Millions w... More
  • Howell Powell's  photo

    Howell Powell

    Congratulations to Howell Powell on his recent Mega Millions... More
  • Jeff Vaccaro's  photo

    Jeff Vaccaro

    Congratulations to first-time Lottery player Jeff Vaccaro on... More
  • Eva Meche's  photo

    Eva Meche

    Congratulations to frequent Lottery player Eva Meche on her... More
  • Madison Usey's  photo

    Madison Usey

    "I couldn't believe it!" Winner Madison Usey s... More
  • Elroy Doucet's  photo

    Elroy Doucet

    Long-time Mega Millions player Elroy Doucet thought he won $... More
  • Dennis Hensley's  photo

    Dennis Hensley

    "Holy Cow!" Dennis Hensley thought when he discove... More
  • Billiejo Holloman's  photo

    Billiejo Holloman

    Billiejo Holloman got an exciting surprise when she discover... More
  • Rita Kay Sensat's  photo

    Rita Kay Sensat

    "I couldn't believe it!" Rita Kay Sensat divul... More
  • Brittany Cupit's  photo

    Brittany Cupit

    Brittany Cupit knows how to start off with a bang! She won $... More
  • Matthew Boudreaux's  photo

    Matthew Boudreaux

    "I just happened to be getting gas and I saw that the d... More


  • Winners appearing here are only those who granted the Lottery permission for publicity
  • This compilation does not include every Lottery winner.