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  • Daniel Blanchard's  photo

    Daniel Blanchard

    "I cannot believe it!" Houma resident Daniel Blanc... More
  • Merle Fontenot's  photo

    Merle Fontenot

    Congratulations to Springfield resident Merle Fontenot on hi... More
  • Peter Prine's  photo

    Peter Prine

    Peter Prine, pictured here with his wife Deborah, couldn'... More
  • Pauline Lyons's  photo

    Pauline Lyons

    "I couldn't sleep," Winner Pauline Lyons told... More
  • Alice Brooks's  photo

    Alice Brooks

    Pollock resident Alice Brooks couldn't help but think &q... More
  • Lester Sayer's  photo

    Lester Sayer

    Congratulations to Lester Sayer of Marksville on winning $1,... More
  • Sidney Crater's  photo

    Sidney Crater

    Congratulations to St. Amant resident Sidney Crater on his r... More
  • Renford Broussard's  photo

    Renford Broussard

    Renford purchased his winning ticket at Iberia Corner Expres... More
  • Leah Burnitt's  photo

    Leah Burnitt

    Leah purchased her winning ticket at Tigerland Fast Stop Gro... More
  • William Dieudonne's  photo

    William Dieudonne

    William purchased his winning ticket at Raceway #902 on High... More
  • Jose Rivera's  photo

    Jose Rivera

    Jose purchased his winning ticket at South End Mobil on Jean... More
  • Angel Seaux's  photo

    Angel Seaux

    Angel purchased her winning ticket at Food Mart on Prejean H... More
  • Kristy Doucet's  photo

    Kristy Doucet

    Kristy Doucet was so "elated" to find out that she... More
  • Tommy Pitre's  photo

    Tommy Pitre

    Tommy purchased his winning ticket at Wag A Pak on Highway 3... More
  • Stacia Mitchell's  photo

    Stacia Mitchell

    Stacia purchased her winning ticket at Delta Food Mart #3 on... More


  • Winners appearing here are only those who granted the Lottery permission for publicity
  • This compilation does not include every Lottery winner.