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  • Tonia Barrow's  photo

    Tonia Barrow

    Tonia Barrow said it was "unbelievable" to discove... More
  • Sandra McMillon's  photo

    Sandra McMillon

    Congratulations to Mansfield resident Sandra McMillon on her... More
  • Yolanda Ruffins's  photo

    Yolanda Ruffins

    Congratulations to Yolanda Ruffins on her recent Pick 4 win!... More
  • Tiffany Briscoe's  photo

    Tiffany Briscoe

    Tiffany Briscoe got a nice birthday present in the form of $... More
  • Sheila Korn's  photo

    Sheila Korn

    Winnsboro resident Sheila Korn thought "It's about... More
  • Willie Leonard's  photo

    Willie Leonard

    Congratulations to Kaplan resident Willie Leonard on his rec... More
  • Benjamin Shafer's  photo

    Benjamin Shafer

    Congratulations to Lake Charles resident Benjamin Shafer! He... More
  • Resa Johnson's  photo

    Resa Johnson

    Congratulations to Resa in New Orleans! She won $2,700 playi... More
  • Sidney Hollins's  photo

    Sidney Hollins

    Congratulations to Sidney Hollins of Monroe! "Great!&qu... More
  • Patsy Harris's  photo

    Patsy Harris

    Congratulations to Ruston resident Pat Harris! She won $1,20... More
  • Carl Thornton's  photo

    Carl Thornton

    Carl Thornton has a reason to smile as he is $1,000 richer a... More
  • Rechker Houston's  photo

    Rechker Houston

    "I was so happy. It was a surprise to me and my kids,&q... More


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