Benefits & Support

Retailer Benefits

Want customers who are more profitable? Then become a Louisiana Lottery retailer! 

Lottery customers' gross profit per visit is  greater than nonlottery customers. That's because the majority of Lottery customers pick up other items when they shop and make more store visits than nonlottery customers.

Earn Additional Income

Offering Lottery products helps your business appeal to a very loyal customer segment that keeps coming back, adds fun and excitement to your store and most importantly, boosts your bottom line.

Commissions.  Retailers earn 5 percent commission on every ticket sale.

Selling Bonus. Retailers also get to share in their customers' good fortune by receiving a bonus for selling jackpot-winning tickets. Bonuses typically equal 1 percent of the prize, with the exception of Powerball and Mega Millions jackpots, as follows:

  • Lotto jackpots (1 percent of prize)
  • Easy 5 jackpots (1 percent of prize)
  • Powerball's match-5 prize (1 percent of prize, including Power Play or $10,000-$20,000)
  • Powerball jackpots (minimum of $25,000 or 1 percent of Louisiana's contribution to the jackpot prize pool)
  • Mega Millions match-5 prize (1 percent of prize, including Megaplier or $10,00 - $50,000)
  • Mega Millions jackpots (minimum of $25,000 or 1 percent of Louisiana's contribution to the jackpot prize pool)

Cashing Incentives. Retailers are encouraged to cash customers' winning tickets of up to $600. This encourages repeat customer visits and spending, while earning retailers up to a 2 percent incentive.

Here is how the incentive is earned:

Prize Amount Paid% Incentive
$1 - $25.50%
$26 - $50.75%
$51 - $1001.00%
$101 - $2001.50%
$201 - $6002.00%

For example, cashing one winning ticket worth $600 would earn an incentive of $12.

Sales & Promotional Support

Dedicated Customer Service. Retailers receive ongoing sales support, including in-store visits by an assigned Lottery Sales Representative and hassle-free automatic inventory management.

Flexible Cash Flow. Retailers have the option to be billed for ticket packs only after a significant portion have sold, to reduce or eliminate any cash flow crunches. Plus, retailers never pay for products that don't sell.

Simple Accounting Tools. Retailers receive daily reports concerning their sales and weekly reports concerning commissions earned so product accounting and tracking is a breeze.

FREE Equipment & Training. Equipment necessary to sell Lottery products is provided and serviced FREE of charge with 24-hour support. In addition, employees are trained on equipment usage, Lottery products and sales techniques. Retailers are charged a $20 weekly fee to defray telecommunication linecosts.

Point-of-Sale Program. Retailers receive an assortment of FREE point-of-sale materials to announce new games and promote their Lottery affiliation. Items include posters, to menu boards and exterior signage, which are available based on the retailer's traffic and sales volume.

On-site Promotions.The Lottery helps retailers generate store traffic and sales with in-store promotions such as second-chance drawings and free gifts with purchases.

Media Support. In addition to player promotions, the Lottery aggressively supports its products with statewide advertising campaigns.

Retailers also receive a bimonthly retailer newsletter about sales techniques, new products and more!


Retailer Selection

The Lottery licenses retailers to sell all of its products, including draw-style and scratch-off game tickets. In selecting retailers for licensure, the Lottery corporation considers the applicant's:

  • financial responsibility
  • integrity
  • reputation
  • accessibility of the place of business or activity
  • security of the premises
  • projected sales volume
  • and whether sufficient retailers already exist to serve public convenience

Because of the considerable investment of equipment and sales support the Lottery makes for on-line retailers, potential retailers are scrutinized to ensure an adequate return on this investment in making the decision to grant or renew a license.

Minimum Qualification Checklist

The following are the minimum qualifications to be considered for a retailer license.

  1. Current in filings and payment of all taxes, interest and penalties owed to any political subdivision, including the Department of Labor, Department of Revenue and Taxation and the Secretary of State.
  2. Having no conviction of any illegal gambling activity, false statements, false swearing or perjury or a crime punishable by more than 1 year imprisonment or a fine of more than $1,000 or both.
  3. Not a vendor or employee of the corporation or residing in the same household as an officer of the corporation.
  4. Having never made a false statement of material fact to the corporation.
  5. Compliant with the Americans with Disabilities Act
Application Process

Application Process

*Louisiana Lottery Retailer Licenses are nontransferable and must be renewed each year prior to Dec. 31. To access the Application Package online, you will need Adobe Acrobat Reader, which is available as a free download fromAdobe's Website.

1. Send the completedRetailer Application Package*; required clearance letters from the Department of Revenue and the Louisiana Workforce Commission (You should also confirm that you are in good standing with the Secretary of State); and a $35 nonrefundable application fee ($10 for bonding and $25 for processing) to the address at the top of the application form or to your Lottery Regional Office.

2. Contacts for obtaining letters of clearance and confirmation of good standing:

3. Download, review and adhere to the following:

4. Once a COMPLETE application is received, the Lottery will conduct an internal marketing evaluation, security background check, credit check as well as an onsiteADA inspectionof your place of business.

5. After this internal approval process, you and your staff will be trained at one of the Lottery's regional offices. At this time, you will also decide on a billing option for instant tickets.

6. Simultaneously, an order is placed with the Lottery's vendor, Intralot, to deliver your Lottery equipment and ticket stock. Your Official Louisiana Lottery Retailer License should be displayed in a prominent area inside of your business establishment. Your newly assigned Lottery Customer Service Representative will assist you in placing your order for scratch-off tickets. For a new retailer, it will be 4-14 days before the install is complete.

Once you receive your Lottery terminal and tickets, you should also:

  • Decide on counter space for your dispenser and a place near your store entrance for your Lottery play center.
  • Meet with your Sales Representative to discuss Point-of-Sale opportunities and sales goals.

Retailer Responsibilities

As part of the application process, retailers agree to and acknowledge the following terms and conditions as part of their contract with the Lottery:

1. The retailer agrees to operate in a manner consistent with the Louisiana Lottery Corporation Act, applicable federal, state and local laws, rules promulgated by the LLC and these terms and conditions.

2. The retailer agrees to notify the LLC immediately if there is any change in ownership, location or financial status of the entity issued a lottery license. If the retailer is convicted of a crime in any judicial jurisdiction or becomes delinquent in payment or filing of taxes to any authority where the retailer is selling tickets, the LLC must be notified in writing within ten (10) calendar days.

3. The retailer shall prominently display the Official Retailer License and Official Retailer door decal. The retailer agrees that tickets may be sold only at the licensed location, and the license may not be transferred.

4. The retailer agrees to use a ticket dispenser for the sale of tickets in a prominent location near the cash register or checkout. An equipment deposit may be required for any dispensers or other quipment provided to the retailer by the LLC.

5. The retailer agrees to prominently display point-of-sale materials provided by the LLC, including door decals, game posters, display tickets, danglers, change mats, and lighted interior signs, unless exceptions are obtained in writing from the LLC.

6. The retailer agrees to make lottery tickets available for sale during the retailer's normal business hours and provide for the redemption of winning tickets during the same hours, subject to LLC operational limitations for validation approvals. The retailer may not charge a fee or surcharge as a condition of redemption.

7. The retailer agrees to pay any prize of $50.00 or less.

8. The retailer agrees to obtain a bond, letter of credit or other financial guarantee, or participate in a self-bonding program established by the LLC.

9. The retailer agrees to notify the LLC within 24 hours of any lost, missing or stolen tickets. The retailer is responsible for all tickets delivered upon acknowledgment of receipt. The retailer shall provide reasonable security for all tickets and LLC property.

10. Failure of a retailer to order and/or accept delivery of instant tickets for any sixty (60) day period may result in a suspension and a thirty (30) day probation period.

11. The retailer agrees to maintain accurate and complete records of all transactions with the LLC and to make such records available to authorized representatives of the LLC during normal business hours.

12. The retailer agrees to offer no less than four (4) instant games for sale to the public at all times if four (4) or more games are available from the LLC. Retailer agrees that the aggregate number of dispensers will be determined by the Lottery using sales analysis. Tickets may not be sold to anyone under 21 years of age.

13. The retailer agrees to make a full financial settlement with the LLC for all tickets received in a timely manner as prescribed by the LLC. The retailer agrees to maintain an electronic funds transfer account in an institution insured by the FDIC. The account will be capable of electronic funds transfer for making payments of all sums due to the LLC and receiving credits from the LLC. In the event the retailer maintains more than one EFT account, any account may be used to satisfy all amounts due to the LLC.

14. The retailer acknowledges that the funds collected herein through the sale of lottery products or any other game offered by the LLC, constitute property of the LLC, and that any terminals, equipment, supplies, or promotional material provided by the LLC, is at all times herein property of the LLC. Further, the retailer acknowledges that the funds collected on behalf of the LLC shall not be subject to pledge, mortgage, hypothecation, loan, or encumbrances, to any third party.

15. Retailer agrees to notify the LLC of any change in its credit facility, loan structuring or refinancing of its business entity, within thirty (30) days of said change.

16. Retailer shall notify any lender or issuer of credit, that funds collected as a result of the sale of lottery products, are not part of any collateral offered to creditor to secure financing, or additional lines of credits issued to retailer, and as such are specifically exempted from any calculation of value of collateral by any creditor providing or issuing credit to retailer.

17. Retailer acknowledges that he has a fiduciary responsibility to hold all funds collected on behalf of the LLC, in trust as set forth in La.R.S 47:9055, et seq.

18. Skimming of lottery proceeds is the intentional excluding, or the taking of any action in an attempt to exclude, anything or its value from the deposit, counting, collection, or computation of gross revenues or net proceeds from lottery activities, and constitutes a crime as provided in La.R.S. 47:9073.

19. Tickets may not be sold for more than the price established by the LLC.

20. Any contract executed by the LLC, at the discretion of the President, may be canceled, suspended, revoked, or terminated by the LLC for reasons which shall include but not be limited to:

a.) Commission of a violation of the Retailer Regulations, the Louisiana Lottery Corporation Law or administrative regulations adopted pursuant thereto or other provisions of Louisiana Law.

b.) Failure to accurately account for lottery tickets, revenues, or prizes as required by the LLC.

c.) Commission of any fraud, deceit, or misrepresentation.

d.) Insufficient sale of tickets.

e.) Conduct prejudicial to public confidence in the LLC.

f.) The retailer filing for or being placed in bankruptcy or receivership.

g.) Any material change in any matter considered by the LLC in executing the contract with the retailer.

h.) Failure to meet any of the objective criteria established by the Board of Directors pursuant to the Retailer Regulations.

21. The retailer understands that the retailer will receive a commission of five percent of net sales of lottery games sold at the licensed location.

22.The retailer agrees to pay any weekly communications charge which may be assessed for each on-line gaming terminal installed at the licensed retail outlet.

23.The retailer acknowledges that pursuant to Article C, Section 1. of the Louisiana Lottery Corporation On-Line Retailer Selection Policy Statement, "The Corporation shall review the performance and profitability of the On-line Retailers on a periodic basis. The Corporation reserves the right to terminate the retailers status as an On-line Retailer for purpose of relocating the terminal to a more profitable retailer location."

24.The retailer agrees to send at least one person to training sponsored by the Corporation. The Corporation, at its discretion, may waive this requirement for Retailers who have previous lottery experience.

25.Prior to executing this contract, the retailer has reviewed the following enactments:

a.Louisiana Lottery Corporation Law, La. R.S. 47:9000 et seq.
b.Louisiana Lottery Corporation Retailer Regulation LAC 42 XV
c.Louisiana Code of Governmental Ethics, La R.S. 42:1101 et seq.

Retailer Portal

Retailer Portal

Increase Accounting Efficiency

Thorough the Louisiana Lottery's online Retailer Portal, retailers have detailed 24/7 account access to reports that assist in answering accounting questions.The Retailer Portal is a secure web-based application designed to increase efficiency and save retailers time in accounting for Lottery products. In addition to store and chain-specific sales, inventory and earnings reporters, the portal also allows users to export transactional data that can easily integrate into retailers' own accounting systems.

Retailer Portal Benefits:

  • Solve Accounting Anomalies
  • Pin-Point Potential Inventory Loss
  • Compare Sales Trends by Store
  • Streamline Transactional Balancing
  • Simplify Inventory Auditing

Download a handy guide to using the Retailer Portal.