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  • Sandra Moore's  photo

    Sandra Moore

    Congratulations to North Carolina resident, Sandra Moore on... More
  • Emma Morrison's  photo

    Emma Morrison

    Congratulations to Monroe resident Emma Morrison. She won th... More
  • Sean Bennett's  photo

    Sean Bennett

    Pineville resident Sean Bennett started "jumping up and... More
  • Harry Foreman's  photo

    Harry Foreman

    "I couldn't believe it!" Harry Foreman said of... More
  • Darla Lemmon's  photo

    Darla Lemmon

    Darla Lemmon recently won $1,000 playing $5 scratch-off In T... More
  • Tregesha Campbell's  photo

    Tregesha Campbell

    Congratulations to Tregesha Campbell of Baker! She recently... More
  • Chris Toups's  photo

    Chris Toups

    "I was ecstatic!" Winner Chris Toups said, "I... More
  • Willis Conner's  photo

    Willis Conner

    Willis Conner started off his weekend on a high note when he... More
  • Cordtney Otten's  photo

    Cordtney Otten

    Congratulations to Cordtney Otten of Branch! She won a top p... More
  • Bryan Cureington's  photo

    Bryan Cureington

    A family member of Monroe resident Bryan Cureington scratche... More
  • Johnny Sonnier's  photo

    Johnny Sonnier

    Blackjack Tripler must be Johnny Sonnier's lucky game. A... More
  • Russell Nata's  photo

    Russell Nata

    Russell purchased his winning ticket at Banks Meat Market on... More
  • Donna Benefield's  photo

    Donna Benefield

    Congratulations to Zachary resident Donna Benefield! She jus... More
  • Daniel Migues's  photo

    Daniel Migues

    Daniel purchased his winning ticket at Port Quick Stop on So... More
  • Anthony Thomas's  photo

    Anthony Thomas

    Anthony purchased his winning ticket at Country Market on U.... More


  • Winners appearing here are only those who granted the Lottery permission for publicity
  • This compilation does not include every Lottery winner.