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  • Leona Byrd's  photo

    Leona Byrd

    Congratulations to Vicksburg resident Leona Byrd! She won... More
  • Johnnie Baker's  photo

    Johnnie Baker

    Delhi resident Johnnie Baker hit it big during... More
  • John Barnebey's  photo

    John Barnebey

    Congratulations to Haughton resident John Barnebey on his... More
  • John Lalonde's  photo

    John Lalonde

    "I felt great!" Arnaudville winner John Lalonde recalled... More
  • Chuck Murriel's  photo

    Chuck Murriel

    Congratulations to Jackson, MS resident Chuck Murriel on... More
  • Zachary Dinkins's  photo

    Zachary Dinkins

    Congratulations to Mansfield resident Zachary Dinkins on his... More
  • Renita Crawford's  photo

    Renita Crawford

    "I threw my hands in the air and... More
  • Frank Goody's  photo

    Frank Goody

    Bunkie resident Frank Goody said he was "pretty... More
  • Lydall Lowe's  photo

    Lydall Lowe

    Jackson, MS resident Lydall Lowe said he was... More
  • Maria Rodriguez's  photo

    Maria Rodriguez

    "I was so excited," Maria Rodriguez recalled. "I... More
  • Rechker Houston's  photo

    Rechker Houston

    Rechker Houston knows how to win playing Pick... More
  • Andre Carprue's  photo

    Andre Carprue

    Congratulations to Andre Carprue of Calhoun! He recently... More
  • Conita Ward's  photo

    Conita Ward

    Congratulations to Oak Grove resident Conita Ward! She... More
  • Lena Morris's  photo

    Lena Morris

    When Lena Morris walked into Sulphur store More-4-Less... More
  • Michelle Locke's  photo

    Michelle Locke

    Congratulations to Michelle Locke of Kenner on her... More


  • Winners appearing here are only those who granted the Lottery permission for publicity
  • This compilation does not include every Lottery winner.