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  • Odessa Woods's  photo

    Odessa Woods

    Odessa purchased her winning Pick 4 ticket at Robert Fresh M... More
  • Jean Hill's  photo

    Jean Hill

    Congratulations to Destrehan resident Jean Hill on her recen... More
  • Janet Miller's  photo

    Janet Miller

    Congratulations to Jonesville resident Janet Miller on winni... More
  • Melissa Arceneaux's  photo

    Melissa Arceneaux

    Melissa Arceneaux got some thrilling news after checking her... More
  • Leona Attle's  photo

    Leona Attle

    Leona Attle of Mamou was very excited to discover she won $2... More
  • Jonathan Leviege's  photo

    Jonathan Leviege

    Congratulations to Jonathan Leviege of Lake Charles! "I... More
  • Daisy Jefferson's  photo

    Daisy Jefferson

    Daisy purchased her winning ticket at Larry's One Stop o... More
  • Victoria Theodile's  photo

    Victoria Theodile

    Victoria Theodile was very excited to see she won $2,700 pla... More
  • Richard Johnson's  photo

    Richard Johnson

    Richard Johnson is a frequent Lottery player and recently wo... More
  • Danny Zachary's  photo

    Danny Zachary

    Danny Zachary says he felt 'great' when he found out... More
  • Stanley Borden's  photo

    Stanley Borden

    Stanley Borden immediately thought of the new golf clubs he... More
  • Pierre Harris's  photo

    Pierre Harris

    Pierre purchased his winning ticket at JJ's Fastop #850... More
  • Keshana Wright's  photo

    Keshana Wright

    Keshana Wright said she felt "great!" when she dis... More
  • Stephanie Morris's  photo

    Stephanie Morris

    This Shreveport resident was "very excited" to fin... More
  • Brian Leblanc's  photo

    Brian Leblanc

    Harvey resident Brian Leblanc said it was wonderful to win $... More


  • Winners appearing here are only those who granted the Lottery permission for publicity
  • This compilation does not include every Lottery winner.