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  • DeRickia Antley's  photo

    DeRickia Antley

    "It's going to be a good Christmas!" DeRickia... More
  • Willie Shepard's  photo

    Willie Shepard

    "I couldn't believe it was real!" winner Willi... More
  • Angela Madison's  photo

    Angela Madison

    Vidalia resident Angela Madison is "grateful" this... More
  • Vernon Augustine Jr.'s  photo

    Vernon Augustine Jr.

    Congratulations to daily Pick 4 player, Vernon Augustine Jr!... More
  • Yolanda Bellard's  photo

    Yolanda Bellard

    Congratulations to Yolanda Bellard on her $7,500 Pick 4 win!... More
  • Mary Murphy's  photo

    Mary Murphy

    Mary Murphy was "very excited" to discover she won... More
  • Verena McGinnis's  photo

    Verena McGinnis

    "I was EXCITED!" Winner Verena McGinnis told Lotte... More
  • Nicole Thompson's  photo

    Nicole Thompson

    "Thank you, Jesus!" Nicole Thompson thought when s... More
  • Deotis Pruitt's  photo

    Deotis Pruitt

    Congratulations to Deotis Pruitt! He recently won $7,700 pla... More
  • Bobbie Heard's  photo

    Bobbie Heard

    Congratulations to Bobbie Heard on her $2,700 Pick 4 win! Bo... More
  • Sarah Butler's  photo

    Sarah Butler

    Marion resident Sarah Butler was thrilled to learn that she... More
  • Luther Hazley's  photo

    Luther Hazley

    "I was happy," Luther Hazley explained of his winn... More
  • LaQuista Wilhite's  photo

    LaQuista Wilhite

    Congratulations to Monroe resident LaQuista Wilhite on her b... More
  • Billy West's  photo

    Billy West

    Exclusive Pick 4 player, Billy West just won $2,609 on Pick... More
  • Robert Ware's  photo

    Robert Ware

    Robert Ware said it "felt good" to win $2,500 play... More


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