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  • Edward Gurley's  photo

    Edward Gurley

    Edward purchased his four winning tickets at Shreveport... More
  • Kelvin Lebeau's  photo

    Kelvin Lebeau

    Kelvin purchased his winning ticket at Kwik Pik... More
  • Eliria Thompson's  photo

    Eliria Thompson

    Eliria purchased her winning ticket at Shop Rite... More
  • Ronald Newman's  photo

    Ronald Newman

    Ronald purchased his winning ticket at In &... More
  • Tara Thomas's  photo

    Tara Thomas

    Congratulations to Tara Thomas of New Orleans on... More
  • Gilbert Lee's  photo

    Gilbert Lee

    Congratulations to Thibodaux resident Gilbert Lee! He won... More
  • Jeannine Hardy's  photo

    Jeannine Hardy

    Congratulations to Jeannine Hardy of Opelousas! Jeannine won... More
  • Lawrence Henderson's  photo

    Lawrence Henderson

    Congratulations to Houston resident Lawrence Henderson on his... More
  • Lloyd Gaillard's  photo

    Lloyd Gaillard

    71-year-old Lloyd Gaillard  immediately told his wife when... More
  • Linda Lejeune's  photo

    Linda Lejeune

    Congratulations to Linda Lejeune on recently winning $2,600... More
  • Brett Fowler's  photo

    Brett Fowler

    New Orleans resident Brett Fowler recently won a... More
  • Gail Bumgarden's  photo

    Gail Bumgarden

    Gail Bumgarden of Gretna hit it BIG playing... More
  • Ursula Harris's  photo

    Ursula Harris

    Congratulations to Ursula Harris of Monroe on her... More
  • Jeremy Procell's  photo

    Jeremy Procell

    "I was shocked that I won that amount,"... More
  • Nicole Benoit's  photo

    Nicole Benoit

    Congratulations to Nicole Benoit of Morgan City on... More


  • Winners appearing here are only those who granted the Lottery permission for publicity
  • This compilation does not include every Lottery winner.