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  • Harry Frank's  photo

    Harry Frank

    Congratulations to Mamou resident Harry Frank on his $2,600... More
  • Loretta Ruffin's  photo

    Loretta Ruffin

    "I was very happy!" Pick 4 winner Loretta Ruffin s... More
  • Edward Robinson's  photo

    Edward Robinson

    Edward purchased his winning ticket at Nocko's Inc. on G... More
  • Patrick Donaldson's  photo

    Patrick Donaldson

    Patrick purchased his winning ticket at St. Maurice Grocery... More
  • James Foster's  photo

    James Foster

    James purchased his winning ticket at LLL Stop N Shop on Eas... More
  • Jewel Phillips Jr.'s  photo

    Jewel Phillips Jr.

    Congratulations to Jewel Phillips Jr. on his $2,700 Pick 3 w... More
  • Mack Smith's  photo

    Mack Smith

    Congratulations to Mack Smith on his $2,700 Pick 4 win! The... More
  • Terrell Smith's  photo

    Terrell Smith

    Congratulations to Marrero resident Terrell Smith on his $2,... More
  • Nina Casborn's  photo

    Nina Casborn

    "I was in shock," Nina Casborn explained of her wi... More
  • Terry Williams's  photo

    Terry Williams

    Congratulations to Terry Williams on his $2,600 Pick 4 win!... More
  • Lonnie Williams III's  photo

    Lonnie Williams III

    Congratulations to Lonnie Williams III on his $5,200 Pick 4... More
  • Penny Avist's  photo

    Penny Avist

    Penny Avist said "this is the big one" as soon as... More
  • Charles Guillot's  photo

    Charles Guillot

    Congratulations to Thibodaux resident Charles Guillot on his... More
  • Ruford Williamson's  photo

    Ruford Williamson

    Congratulations to Ruford Williamson n his big Pick 4 win! &... More
  • Larry Spencer Jr.'s  photo

    Larry Spencer Jr.

    Larry Spencer Jr. said it felt 'real good' to win $2... More


  • Winners appearing here are only those who granted the Lottery permission for publicity
  • This compilation does not include every Lottery winner.