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  • Deotis Pruitt's  photo

    Deotis Pruitt

    Deotis Pruitt was "happy" to learn that he... More
  • Shera Carroll's  photo

    Shera Carroll

    Congratulations to West Monroe resident Shera Carroll on... More
  • Cassius Tillman's  photo

    Cassius Tillman

    Congratulations to Cassius Tillman on his recent Pick... More
  • David Brown's  photo

    David Brown

    David Brown is diversifying his winning portfolio! With... More
  • Reginald Martin's  photo

    Reginald Martin

    Reginald Martin was very excited to discover he... More
  • Genesia Allen's  photo

    Genesia Allen

    The Allens from Ferriday are on a roll!... More
  • Gregory Brown's  photo

    Gregory Brown

    Congratulations to Gregory Brown on his recent Pick... More
  • Carol Montgomery's  photo

    Carol Montgomery

    Carol purchased her winning ticket at Chef Menteur... More
  • Gregory Blair's  photo

    Gregory Blair

    Congratulations to $2,600 Pick 4 winner Gregory Blair!... More


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