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  • Thomas Pendleton's  photo

    Thomas Pendleton

    Congratulations to Vicksburg resident, Thomas Pendleton! Thomas won... More
  • Jessie L. Booth's  photo

    Jessie L. Booth

    Congratulations to Jessie L. Booth on her big... More
  • Keisha Butler's  photo

    Keisha Butler

    Columbia resident Keisha Butler said she felt "great"... More
  • Robert Whittaker's  photo

    Robert Whittaker

    "They finally ran my numbers!" Shreveport resident Robert... More
  • Raymond Adams's  photo

    Raymond Adams

    Raymond purchased his winning ticket at TJ Food... More
  • Billy Wright's  photo

    Billy Wright

    Congratulations to Billy Wright on his recent Pick... More
  • Kitty White's  photo

    Kitty White

    Kitty White's personal secret to winning the Lottery... More
  • Eloise Faciane's  photo

    Eloise Faciane

    Congratulations to long-time player Eloise Faciane! The Harahan... More
  • Kenneth Chieves's  photo

    Kenneth Chieves

    Kenneth Chieves was very excited to discover he... More
  • Thomas Nguyen's  photo

    Thomas Nguyen

    Thomas purchased his winning ticket at Shop A... More
  • Stella Gonzales's  photo

    Stella Gonzales

    Stella purchased her winning ticket at Washington Citgo,... More
  • Earl Booth Jr.'s  photo

    Earl Booth Jr.

    Earl purchased his winning Pick 3 ticket from... More


  • Winners appearing here are only those who granted the Lottery permission for publicity
  • This compilation does not include every Lottery winner.