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  • Latwanna Beal's  photo

    Latwanna Beal

    Latwanna Beal of Alexandria played her Pick 3... More
  • Charles Horton's  photo

    Charles Horton

    Charles Horton of Edwards, Miss., played his Pick... More
  • Dennis Gainey's  photo

    Dennis Gainey

    Joseph Gainey of Jackson, Miss., played 12 tickets... More
  • Gloria Houston's  photo

    Gloria Houston

    Gloria Houston of Shreveport played two Pick 3... More
  • Pedro Ricarday's  photo

    Pedro Ricarday

    Pedro Ricarday of Gloster played two Pick 3... More
  • Lisa Mays's  photo

    Lisa Mays

    Lisa Mays of Shreveport played two Pick 3... More
  • Kenneth Callaway's  photo

    Kenneth Callaway

    Kenneth Callaway purchased his winning scratch-off from Loop... More
  • Doris Smith's  photo

    Doris Smith

    Doris Smith won her prize by playing and... More
  • Emma Davis's  photo

    Emma Davis

    Emma Davis played two Pick 3 tickets, one... More
  • Winona Rowe's  photo

    Winona Rowe

    Winona Rowe played two tickets: one was played... More
  • Noel Francis's  photo

    Noel Francis

    Noel Francis of New Orleans won $870 by... More
  • Douglas Adams's  photo

    Douglas Adams

    Douglas Adams played two Pick 3 tickets to... More


  • Winners appearing here are only those who granted the Lottery permission for publicity
  • This compilation does not include every Lottery winner.