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  • Wendy Pittman's  photo

    Wendy Pittman

    Bossier resident Wendy Pittman plays Lotto twice per week, a... More
  • Jim Opitz's  photo

    Jim Opitz

    New Orleans resident and boating enthusiast Jim Opitz became... More
  • Stephanie Salario's  photo

    Stephanie Salario

    Stephanie Salario was "excited and shocked" when s... More
  • Darrell Quebedeaux's  photo

    Darrell Quebedeaux

    Darrell Quebedeaux said he was surprised and then excited af... More
  • Claudia Pittman's  photo

    Claudia Pittman

    Bossier resident Claudia Pittman said that she couldn't... More
  • Brannon Randle's  photo

    Brannon Randle

    Brannon Randle was psyched to find out he matched 5 out of 6... More
  • Angie Perrodin's  photo

    Angie Perrodin

    Angie purchased her winning ticket at Circle K #1681 on W. U... More
  • Jeffrey Stephens's  photo

    Jeffrey Stephens

    Jeffrey purchased his winning ticket at RaceTrac #578 on Amb... More
  • Bryon Tauzin's  photo

    Bryon Tauzin

    Bryon, pictured here with his wife Jerri, purchased his winn... More
  • Paul Mire's  photo

    Paul Mire

    Paul purchased his winning ticket at Kleiser's Chevron o... More
  • Ian Lord's  photo

    Ian Lord

    Ian purchased his winning ticket at EZ Stop on Old Marksvill... More
  • Mark Broussard's  photo

    Mark Broussard

    Mark purchased his winning ticket at Young's Grocery Inc... More
  • Ronald Richard's  photo

    Ronald Richard

    Ronald purchased his winning ticket at Tobacco Plus #4 on W.... More
  • Cindy Greene's  photo

    Cindy Greene

    Cindy purchased her winning ticket at Go Bears #28 on N. I-4... More
  • James Safar's  photo

    James Safar

    James purchased his winning ticket at Westside Chevron on St... More


  • Winners appearing here are only those who granted the Lottery permission for publicity
  • This compilation does not include every Lottery winner.