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  • Stacy Preston's  photo

    Stacy Preston

    Preston purchased his winning ticket at Sav N... More
  • Augusta Malveaux's  photo

    Augusta Malveaux

    Malveaux purchased his winning ticket at Oakwood Shell... More
  • Robert Vaughn's  photo

    Robert Vaughn

    Robert, a resident of McNeil, Ark., matched five... More
  • Jason Stanberry's  photo

    Jason Stanberry

    Stanberry purchased his winning ticket at Jubilee Food... More
  • Dionisio Mendoza's  photo

    Dionisio Mendoza

    Mendoza's ticket matched five of the six Lotto... More
  • James Newton's  photo

    James Newton

    James, a resident of Hemphill, Texas, matched five... More


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  • This compilation does not include every Lottery winner.