Aces High - Game No. 376

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Game Summary
Ticket Price:$1
Top Prize:
Overall Odds of Winning:--
Top Prizes Remaining:--
Approximate Percent Claimed:--
Launch Date:08/03/06
Close Date:12/31/07
Final Redemption Date:04/30/08

Game Features

Game Features
The "cards" are on the table and we're giving you a chance to win! Your chance is as close as your nearest Lottery retailer when you ask for your "ace," our $1 scratch-off Aces High! Can you beat the dealer? If you can, here's what you could win:

Over 13,000 Prizes From $30 to $300

Win Up to $3,000

Over $1.6 Million in Cash Prizes

How to Play

How to Play

If YOUR CARD beats the DEALER'S CARD within a game, you win the prize shown for that game. Get an "" as one of your cards and win all three prizes shown! Remember, ACES ARE HIGH!

Prize Chart
Tier PrizeOdds of WinningTotalClaimedRemaining

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