Bonus Crossword - Game No. 314

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Game Summary
Ticket Price:$3
Top Prize:
Overall Odds of Winning:--
Top Prizes Remaining:--
Approximate Percent Claimed:--
Launch Date:03/28/05
Close Date:03/16/06
Final Redemption Date:07/15/06

Game Features

Game Features
How would you like to play our crossword puzzle, Bonus Crossword? We'll make it fun for you. Our puzzle offers:

  • OVER 15,000 PRIZES FROM $20 TO $25,000!
  • 6 TOP PRIZES OF $25,000!

How to Play

How to Play
  • Scratch the YOUR LETTERS box to reveal 18 YOUR LETTERS.
  • For each YOUR LETTER revealed, scratch that same letter each time it is found in the CROSSWORD puzzle and the BONUS WORD.
  • Uncover four or more complete CROSSWORDS in the CROSSWORD puzzle and win the corresponding prize in the LEGEND.
  • Uncover all letters in the BONUS WORD that match letters from the YOUR LETTERS box and win the BONUS WORD PRIZE.

You'll have lots of fun! Visit your local retailer today and ask for Bonus Crossword today!

Prize Chart
Tier PrizeOdds of WinningTotalClaimedRemaining

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