Americo and Kathryn Simoncelli are starting the holiday season on a joyous note!

While out grocery shopping, Kathryn remembered that they had a $10 winning Louisiana Lottery ticket to cash in. The Thibodaux residents made a quick stop on their way home at Convenience King #5 and chose to buy a few more scratch-offs. One of them, was a $10 50X Payout ticket that they would soon discover was a $200,000 top-prize winner!

“I saw the ‘50X’ symbol, and thought we had won $50,” Kathryn explained during their trip to Lottery headquarters. The winner assumed the ’50 times’ multiplier would apply to a $1 prize, when in reality she would be multiplying 50 times $4,000!

“Then I scratched it all the way and had to hand it to my husband,” she continued.

“She couldn’t speak for about 10 minutes,” Americo recalled. The Simoncellis received $142,000 after state and federal tax withholdings.

One more top-prize winning ticket remains in the 50X Payout game, which went on sale September 23.