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  • Sharon Nelson's  photo

    Sharon Nelson

    Sharon Nelson was over the moon when she found out her Pick... More
  • Samuel Lush Jr.'s  photo

    Samuel Lush Jr.

    Samuel Lush Jr. won $2,600 playing his "favorite"... More
  • Odalie Lawson's  photo

    Odalie Lawson

    Odalie Lawson loves to play Pick 4, so she couldn't be m... More
  • Kimberly Williams's  photo

    Kimberly Williams

    Kimberly purchased her winning ticket at Purple Cow Store #1... More
  • Dale Holmes's  photo

    Dale Holmes

    Dale purchased her winning Pick 4 ticket at Chicken Box Cafe... More
  • Sandra McMillon's  photo

    Sandra McMillon

    Mansfield resident Sandra McMillon won $2,700 by simply play... More
  • Raymond Adams's  photo

    Raymond Adams

    Raymond Adams recently won $2,000 playing Pick 4 on the May... More
  • Earline Vinnett's  photo

    Earline Vinnett

    66 year old Earline Vinnett purchased her winning Pick 4 tic... More
  • Latasha Taylor's  photo

    Latasha Taylor

    Avondale resident Latasha Taylor was very excited to find ou... More
  • Alvin Cage Sr.'s  photo

    Alvin Cage Sr.

    Alvin Cage Sr. purchased his winning Pick 4 ticket at Paradi... More
  • Treneika Fields's  photo

    Treneika Fields

    Treneika purchased her $5,000 winning ticket at Hearn's... More
  • Marilynn Fields's  photo

    Marilynn Fields

    Marilynn purchased her winning ticket at Hearn's Grocery... More


  • Winners appearing here are only those who granted the Lottery permission for publicity
  • This compilation does not include every Lottery winner.