Elizabeth Lasyone's Saints winner photo
RetailerJett's Food Mart #2

"Stuff like this doesn't happen to me," Elizabeth Lasyone explained shortly before receiving her prize of $100,000! The winner was heading home from working a 14-hour shift when she decided on a whim to purchase a $5 SAINTS scratch-off. Before leaving the parking lot, Elizabeth learned that she was a big winner. "I couldn't drive," she explained. "I would have wrecked!" The winner called her husband Shawn, who arrived shortly after to pick her up. 

The top-prize winning ticket was purchased at Jett's Food Mart #2 in Zachary. "Everybody in there is nice," the winner explained. Elizabeth and Shawn plan to use the winnings to pay off debt and "get ahead." Congratulations!

Jett's Food Mart #2 Map