Brittany Murduca's Pick 4 winner photo
GamePick 4
RetailerIn & Out

Brittany Murduca did not expect to win over $2,500 twice in the month of June! "I was so shocked when I found out I won! I didn't think I was that lucky!" Brittany exclaims. "We always play Pick 3 and Pick 4, but now I'm feeling so lucky that I'm going to try Powerball!" The winning ticket was purchased at her husband's family owned store, In & Out on Linwood Avenue in Shreveport. "It is so nice spending $1 for a straight/box play and winning $2,600!" the 23-year-old continued. 

Brittany and her husband play a couple of quick picks along with their 'important numbers' every night, and that consistency is paying off! She also won $2,700 during the June 3 drawing.

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