Henry Guillory's $1,000,000 Spectacular winner photo
Game$1,000,000 Spectacular

Henry purchased his winning ticket at J's #1 on N. Third Street in Alexandria.

The Lottery reminds players to continue to send in their non-winning tickets for entry into the second chance drawing for a $1 million annuity prize for the $1,000,000 Spectacular game, which will take place once the game is closed. Even if players do not win an instant prize playing $1,000,000 Spectacular, their ticket could still win $1 million.

A date for the $1 million second-chance drawing will be determined after the game has been closed. Five entrants will be put into a drawing with the last name drawn winning the $1 million top prize. Four runners-up will each win $5,000. The top prize winner has the option of taking a 20-year annuity or a one-time cash payment of $670,000. All prizes are subject to state and federal tax withholdings.