Each week for the past two years, Hope Craft collected $20 from her coworkers at A&B Builders, a Beaumont-based industrial construction company operating in Norco, to purchase Lotto and Powerball tickets for a lottery pool. The group of eight Texans and three Louisianans, couldn't contain their excitement at work Monday morning, knowing they won the $250,000 Lotto jackpot from the June 24 drawing.

Craft, claimed the prize Monday at Lottery headquarters, accompanied by two of her pool members, John Dillon and Mark Riojas.

"We've won about $2,500 before, but this is the big one," said Craft.

Dillon and Riojas said they appreciate Craft purchasing the tickets and being the manager. "She's the leader of the group -- she keeps up with all the money and tickets, and it's probably best that way," said Riojas.

Craft said she will use her winnings to purchase a home and some land back home in Call, Texas;  Dillon, of Pontchatoula, said he already planned to purchase an SUV, but is now considering a newer model; and Riojas said he'd like a larger travel trailer to stay in while he's on the job in Norco.  Everyone agreed they'd keep on playing, which prompted Dillon to slip Craft a $20 bill for this week's pool.

The group received $175,000 after state and federal income taxes were withheld. Each person from the group will receive about $15,909. Craft purchased the winning ticket at Pit Stop Petroleum #1 on W. Airline Highway in LaPlace, which will receive a one-time bonus of $2,500, or 1 percent of the jackpot.

The winning numbers for the June 24 Lotto drawing were 6-13-26-30-33-37.  Over 8,400 other Lotto players also won prizes, including 13 players who won $2,200 each.