As part of the Powerball game changes effective Jan. 15, the Power Play add-on option also changed. For an additional $1 per play, Power Play still gives players the chance to increase their nonjackpot Powerball prize; however, it no longer involves a multiplier number.
Instead, when you purchase the Power Play, you increase your nonjackpot Powerball winnings to a set amount -- up to $2 million! The new replacement prizes are at least double the usual Powerball prize and range from $12 for matching just the red Powerball number to $2 million for matching all five white-ball numbers.

You can find Power Play replacement prizes on the Powerball page of our website and in the "How to Play" brochures found in Lottery retailer play centers.


Because a multiplier number is no longer a part of Power Play, Powerball drawings no longer include the drawing of a Power Play number. For drawings prior to Jan. 18, the Power Play multiplier number can still be found on the winning numbers hotline and on the winning numbers page of our website.