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Player Pointers: What You Should Know for June 27

Big changes are coming for Louisiana Lottery players on June 27. For the first time in 10 years, we're getting a new gaming system. Check out these new features and what they mean for you.

Multidraw Comes Back! In preparation for conversion, the Lottery temporarily suspended the multidraw option, which enables you to purchase plays for advance, consecutive drawings, to ensure a smoother transition to the new system. Multidraw was suspended April 17 for Powerball, Lotto and Easy 5 and June 11 for Pick 3 and Pick 4. The good news is that multidraw will return for all games when the system converts on June 27.

Customer Display Unit.  On June 27, when you purchase Lottery tickets or present tickets to be cashed, you can view that transaction information on a discreet screen where you purchase your tickets. When making a Lottery purchase, pay attention to the screen; it will communicate the amount of your Lottery purchase transaction. When you give your winning ticket to a retailer to cash, the value of the ticket will also be displayed on the screen. If the prize won is more than $600, which is the maximum amount a retailer can pay, the display will instruct you to visit a Lottery office to claim your prize. The screen will also indicate if the ticket is not a winner.

As always, you are strongly encouraged to sign the back of your ticket immediately after purchasing, for security purposes. It is also recommended that you find out whether you've won prior to presenting your ticket for cashing. If your ticket is not a winner you may request its return. You can also ask for a receipt confirming the ticket's value. Finally, if you ever feel there is a discrepancy when having your ticket cashed, please contact us at

Player Advertising Displays (PAD). Be sure to check out our new flat-screen advertising displays, where you can view current jackpot amounts, the latest about Lottery winners, player reminders, new games and promotions right there in the store, conveniently while you're at the register or in line. The PAD will even display AMBER alerts when in effect.

New Playslips.Do you use playslips to select your Lottery numbers and play options? After June 26, you will need to complete a new one, with blue or black ink only, as the old ones will no longer work. The new play slips are bright pink and have colored backgrounds behind the game logo. If you like to add ezmatch to your Easy 5 ticket, you'll notice that option is now on the playslip! You can find the new playslips in the Lottery play center at your retailer starting June 27.

Replay Feature.Do you want to play the same numbers and play options as on your previous ticket? It's easy. Just bring in any previously played ticket (generated after June 26) and ask for a Replay to duplicate the same numbers, number of drawings and other play options on a new ticket. No need to complete a playslip!

New Ticket Stock. If you play Lottery draw-style games like Powerball, Lotto, Easy 5, Pick 3 and Pick 4, you'll notice that your tickets will look different! The new tickets are colorful and feature a new type of printing, called thermal printing, which uses heat - not ink-to print. Even though the paper is heat and fade resistant, it is recommended that you keep your tickets away from extreme heat and wetness. Other instructions for ticket care can be found on the back of the ticket.

Draw-style game tickets on the old paper generated prior to June 27 will still be accepted for cashing, but please be patient as they must be manually checked and this process takes a little longer.

Changes for Pick3/Pick 4 Plays. Nonconsecutive advance plays will now print on separate tickets whether you use a playslip or not. Also, you can choose to play for 2, 3, 4, 5, 7, or 14 consecutive drawings using a play slip or for any number of drawings up to 14 by asking the retail clerk.

You can now get up to 10 Quick Picks for any game on one ticket by just asking the retail clerk.Up to five sets of numbers can be played using a playslip.

Once the new system comes online at noon June 27, it will be active 24-hours-a-day for sales and ticket-cashing. Of course, standard sales draw breaks for draw-style games and terminal data uploads will still apply.