William Heid Jr. of Chauvin claimed the $15 million Powerball jackpot from Saturday night's drawing at Lottery headquarters yesterday, bringing Louisiana's total number of Powerball jackpot winners to 11.

Heid, age 49, said he and his lifelong friend and fishing buddy have purchased $10 worth of Powerball tickets every week since the Lottery joined the multistate game in 1995.  They agreed to split any winnings and were on their way home from a weekend fishing trip when they learned they held the winning ticket. 

"You can't win if you don't play," said Heid.

Heid chose the one-time cash payment option and will receive $7,035,647, which is subject to state and federal tax withholdings.

"I came in right away to claim the prize because I didn't want to hold onto the ticket," he explained.  "I wanted to get rid of it so I could sleep tonight!"

As a result of winning the Powerball jackpot, Heid said he plans to retire as well as share his winnings with his children and grandchildren.
Lapeyrouse Seafood Bar & Grocery, located on Highway 56 in Chauvin, sold the winning ticket and will receive a one-time selling bonus of $25,000.

The winning numbers for the Sept. 29 drawing were 31-33-38-49-55 and the Powerball was 39.
In addition to the $15 million jackpot, nearly 17,000 other Louisiana Powerball prizes were won totaling $293,318 in Saturday's drawing, including a $200,000 "match-5" winning ticket sold in Baton Rouge.   
"We're pleased that Louisiana continues to average about one Powerball jackpot winner every year, with our last jackpot won almost a year to the day of this one," said Lottery President Rose Hudson.

The advertised Powerball jackpot represents an estimate of the annuity prize, which is paid in 30 graduated installments that increase by 4 percent each year. Winners also have the option to take a one-time lump sum payment equal to the cash value of the jackpot prize pool.

Players must be at least 21 years of age to purchase a Lottery ticket. The Lottery encourages anyone who has a gambling problem or friends and family of anyone with a gambling problem to call toll-free 1-877-770-7867.