Oct 10, 2016

Louisiana Lottery President Rose J. Hudson was elected president of the North American Association of State and Provincial Lotteries (NASPL) at its annual conference in Atlanta this October.

Representing 52 lottery organizations, NASPL provides a central information source and voice for industry expertise, resources and advice. In this leadership role, Hudson will lead policymaking and strategic planning for the organization, including industry advocacy, communications, research and professional development. She has previously served on the organization’s executive committee in the capacities of First Vice President, Treasurer, Secretary and Regional Director.

Hudson was recently elected to the Lottery Industry Hall of Fame, following her 10 years of service as the Louisiana Lottery President. During her tenure, the Lottery experienced several of the most successful years in its 25-year history. Fiscal year 2016 generated $508.3 million in revenue, $13.6 million more than its first full year of sales in 1993.