The Louisiana Lottery Corporation is the first lottery in the country to receive industry verification of its quality assurance processes. 
In April 2004, the North American Association of State & Provincial Lotteries (NASPL) issued a set of best practices, Quality Assurance of Product Development in the Lottery Industry, and outlined a rigorous verification process in January 2005. The Louisiana Lottery achieved verification in the two areas of Quality Assurance Best Practices applicable to lotteries in November 2006.

"This is a tremendous accomplishment for the Lottery," said President Rose Hudson. "It speaks volumes to the competencies and high standards held by the Lottery's managers and staff -- I'm exceptionally proud of their hard work and dedication to excellence."

NASPL's best practices provide a documented set of quality assurance processes and procedures that allow lotteries and vendors to follow an approved and repeatable method when defining, developing, and accepting software products for installation at the lottery. Together they provide a set of processes and procedures that address the quality assurance requirements throughout the hardware and/or software production cycle from requirements specification through design, implementation and testing, to acceptance and deployment.

The purpose of implementing the best practice is to increase the integrity of the lottery business by producing higher-quality systems that would result in reduced risk, better performance, reduced costs and increased public confidence and player satisfaction.

The Louisiana Lottery's verification involved several telephone assessment meetings and an on-site assessment conducted independently by The Open Group, a world leader in the implementation of certification programs, under NASPL's authority. More information about NASPL standards and best practices can be found on the organization's Web site,