During Bayou Country Superfest, the Lottery hung out with some big country music stars; our players! During our Sizzlin' Summer Lyrics Facebook Promotion, fans were invited to write a set of song lyrics about their favorite Lottery game for the chance to win tickets to Bayou Country Superfest on Saturday.  Winners were chosen based on creativity and originality of their lyrics. We think we have some future hits on our hands. Take a look at our winning entries!
Celeste Perrault: Diamond 7 you put me in heaven, gives me the chance to win 100 grand.
All that money in the palm of my hand, Diamond 7 you are the best, no other game passes the test. Oh Diamond 7 I love you much, you always give me that magic touch!
I scratch you off and win all that money, now my hubby is calling me baby,darling, honey.
I love you love DIAMOND 7!

Patricia Gassaway: You say you can feel the luck, well go out and buy some Barrel of Bucks.
Cherry Twist or Emerald Green; wonderful colors if you know what I mean.
Scratching off my lottery, hoping to match three; oh how wonderful that would be!
If I could only match three Rapid Refund from the IRS Ha Ha! Louisiana Lottery has the best.
Find your treasure in King's Gold or get the Red Hot Rock and Roll.
Louisiana Lottery gives out smiles and for their club members they go the extra mile.
Money Bags is what I bought, and I got Money on the Spot.
Bingo Squared is where I won. I also got lucky on Festival Fun!

Aaron Dufrene: Hovering by my scratch off, trying to find the big bucks to win tonight!
Heavy shavings are falling. Seems I hear the winners calling "It's JACKPOT".
Winning night in Louisiana, winning night in Louisiana! I believe it's winning night all over the world. My matching numbers are flashing, seems it's time to be cashing in my winning tickets tonight.

The winners had a first class experience in the Lottery's Tiger Stadium suite. With plenty of food, music and fun it was a great start to a sizzlin' summer. 



Facebook winner Patricia Gassaway and her husband Mike were thrilled to be at the concert.Facebook winner Celeste Perrault (right) and her daughter Tristie (left) enjoyed their front row seats.


Club Lotteaux members also had a chance to win suite tickets for two. Deidre Yanes, Tiffany Dixon-King and Shari Fury attended the festival on Sunday and had the chance to see Zac Brown Band, Luke Bryan and many other big stars!  





Our Club Lotteaux winners had a chance to meet and enjoy the concert together. Winner Deidre Yanes (left), winner Shari Fury (center) and Shari's guest Cassie (right) stand outside of the Lottery's suite that overlooks the entire stadium. Club Lotteaux winner Tiffany Dixon-King andher husband Jerome enjoy the sounds of the festival.



Outside of the stadium, cowboys and cowgirls stopped by the Lottery trailer for some extra fun before the concert.




Retailer Kennada Royal (left) and Lottery Sales Representatives Cynthia Germany (center) and Stacey Huyhn (right) were spreading the Lottery cheer all weekend. Truls Lomo and Leah Topley won $100 on a Festival Fun scratch-off. They got the full festival experience.