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  • Kenneth Chieves's  photo

    Kenneth Chieves

    Kenneth Chieves was very excited to discover he won $2,900 p... More
  • John Brown's  photo

    John Brown

    John Brown immediately called his wife Carolyn (pictured her... More
  • Stephanie Morris's  photo

    Stephanie Morris

    This Shreveport resident was "very excited" to fin... More
  • Brian Leblanc's  photo

    Brian Leblanc

    Harvey resident Brian Leblanc said it was wonderful to win $... More
  • Shuntay McCauley's  photo

    Shuntay McCauley

    Shuntay McCauley says she was in total shock when she realiz... More
  • Wesam Sawaged's  photo

    Wesam Sawaged

    Lafayette resident Wesam Sawaged couldn't believe it whe... More
  • Charles Gomillion's  photo

    Charles Gomillion

    Charles purchased his winning ticket at Food-N-Fun #13 on W.... More
  • Latosha Duffie's  photo

    Latosha Duffie

    Latosha Duffie describes her winning moment as great! She pl... More
  • Joni Punch's  photo

    Joni Punch

    Joni purchased her winning ticket at X-Stop on Highway 311 i... More
  • Joseph Cyprian's  photo

    Joseph Cyprian

    Joseph purchased his winning ticket at Cracker Barrel Store... More
  • Kathleen Santillo's  photo

    Kathleen Santillo

    Kathleen of Carencro says that her winnings will go straight... More
  • Cory Mayhall's  photo

    Cory Mayhall

    "We were just thirsty!" Cory said of the reason th... More
  • Gloria Watson's  photo

    Gloria Watson

    Gloria's first thoughts when she found out about her $79... More
  • Beverly Navarre's  photo

    Beverly Navarre

    This summer has brought lots of Lottery luck for one Port Al... More
  • Regina Campbell's  photo

    Regina Campbell

    Regina Campbell is a loyal player of Pick 4, so we are sure... More


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