No.Game NameRemainingTop PrizePrice% SoldStart Date
1010$200,000 Jackpot2 of 4$200,000$1055%07/11/2016
103150x4 of 4$200,000$104%10/14/2016
1003$100,000 Cash Explosion1 of 3$100,000$571%06/20/2016
996Heat Wave1 of 3$100,000$580%05/31/2016
1006Lucky No. 72 of 3$100,000$526%09/14/2016
1014Saints Gold3 of 4$100,000$540%08/08/2016
101825x4 of 5$100,000$542%09/06/2016
1030Royal Payday3 of 3$100,000$54%10/14/2016
987Fun Time Bingo!1 of 3$30,000$373%04/18/2016
995High Voltage Crossword1 of 3$30,000$382%05/31/2016
1009Red Hot Bingo2 of 3$30,000$344%07/11/2016
1027Casino Crossword3 of 4$30,000$312%09/26/2016
1008Break The Bank4 of 5$20,000$258%07/11/2016
101710x4 of 6$20,000$229%09/06/2016
1029Bankroll4 of 5$15,000$24%10/14/2016
1012Lucky Symbols2 of 4$14,000$242%08/08/2016
1016Boo Bayou Bucks3 of 4$13,000$242%09/06/2016
1002Fire & Dice3 of 4$11,000$263%06/20/2016
1001Electric 8'S2 of 4$10,000$259%06/20/2016
994Go For The Green!2 of 6$10,000$266%05/31/2016
1013Double Match3 of 4$10,000$249%08/08/2016
1026Cherry Jackpot4 of 4$10,000$218%09/26/2016
1025Red Hot $100s3 of 4$10,000$229%09/26/2016
10155x8 of 14$5,000$134%09/06/2016
1011Ruby Riches5 of 10$4,000$148%08/08/2016
1007Cash Time!3 of 10$2,000$170%07/11/2016
971Cash On The Spot4 of 12$1,000$173%02/15/2016
1000Money Game4 of 12$1,000$157%06/20/2016
1019Double It7 of 10$1,000$136%09/08/2016
1024Money Stash9 of 10$1,000$118%09/26/2016
1028Triple 3s8 of 8$1,000$15%10/14/2016
Prize data last updated: 10/25/2016 02:14:04 PM CDT


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