No.Game NameRemainingTop PrizePrice% SoldStart Date
93950x The Money1 of 4$200,000$1096%09/21/2015
951$200,000 Ruby 7s0 of 3$200,000$1064%11/23/2015
974Gold1 of 3$200,000$1041%02/15/2016
955Cash King1 of 3$100,000$588%12/14/2015
959Wild Cherries1 of 3$100,000$566%01/04/2016
968Monopoly2 of 4$100,000$556%01/25/2016
969Cash Reserve1 of 3$100,000$591%01/12/2016
979Double Triple2 of 3$100,000$542%03/07/2016
984Win It All3 of 3$100,000$526%03/28/2016
988Emerald Green 7s3 of 3$100,000$513%04/18/2016
926Crossword Time!1 of 4$30,000$389%07/13/2015
943Here Bingo!1 of 3$30,000$371%10/12/2015
946Cold Cash Crossword0 of 3$30,000$386%11/02/2015
967Lucky Bingo2 of 3$30,000$349%01/25/2016
973Queen Of Hearts Crossword1 of 3$30,000$343%02/15/2016
987Fun Time Bingo!2 of 3$30,000$36%04/18/2016
925Lucky Gold1 of 5$15,000$285%07/13/2015
978Jumbo Bucks2 of 4$15,000$245%03/07/2016
950Diamonds & Gold1 of 4$14,000$274%11/23/2015
923Triple It!1 of 3$12,000$268%03/14/2016
976Lucky 32 of 4$12,000$246%03/07/2016
949Money Bags1 of 5$10,000$280%11/23/2015
966Monopoly1 of 6$10,000$279%01/25/2016
983Joker'S Wild1 of 4$10,000$245%03/28/2016
986Cash Bam Boom3 of 4$10,000$230%04/18/2016
9365x The Money1 of 14$5,000$193%09/21/2015
957Instant Refund1 of 10$4,000$186%01/04/2016
928Cashtastic2 of 8$3,000$185%08/10/2015
975Crawfish Season!4 of 10$3,000$157%03/07/2016
981Blackjack Doubler10 of 12$2,100$129%03/28/2016
982Fat Stacks8 of 10$2,000$131%03/28/2016
962Wild Doubler2 of 9$1,000$172%02/24/2016
964Lucky Day!1 of 8$1,000$183%01/12/2016
956Super 9s3 of 12$1,000$182%01/04/2016
965Monopoly3 of 10$1,000$161%01/25/2016
971Cash On The Spot8 of 12$1,000$143%02/15/2016
985Fabulous 4'S9 of 10$1,000$114%04/18/2016
Prize data last updated: 05/05/2016 07:14:04 AM CDT


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