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  • Jason Corbitt's  photo

    Jason Corbitt

    Corbitt purchased his winning ticket at Meaner's Mini... More
  • Theresa Gary's  photo

    Theresa Gary

    Gary received the Lottery's $1 scratch-off game, $5,000... More
  • Kevin Hays's  photo

    Kevin Hays

    Hays purchased his winning ticket at Circle K... More
  • Melissa Cormier's  photo

    Melissa Cormier

    Cormier matched 5 spins to win her prize... More
  • Evelyn Wortham's  photo

    Evelyn Wortham

    Wortham purchased her winning ticket at Taylor's Stop-N-Shop... More
  • Richard Meeks's  photo

    Richard Meeks

    Meeks played the Lottery's $10 scratch-off Mega Money... More
  • Terry Guidry's  photo

    Terry Guidry

    Guidry matched three like prizes to win $500.... More
  • Jonathan Marcantel's  photo

    Jonathan Marcantel

    Marcantel played the Lottery's $2 Shamrock Green scratch-off... More
  • Eric Lathrop's  photo

    Eric Lathrop

    Lathrop played the Lottery's $10 Cash Blowout scratch-off... More
  • Blair Portier's  photo

    Blair Portier

    Portier played the Lottery's $5 Fabulous Fortune and... More
  • Lauren Stewart's  photo

    Lauren Stewart

    Stewart purchased her winning ticket at S &... More
  • Janet Fusilier's  photo

    Janet Fusilier

    Fusilier played the Lottery's Crawfish 2008 scratch-off and... More


  • Winners appearing here are only those who granted the Lottery permission for publicity
  • This compilation does not include every Lottery winner.