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  • Karen Mitchell's  photo

    Karen Mitchell

    Karen Mitchell (pictured right) recently won the top... More
  • Jimmie Frazier's  photo

    Jimmie Frazier

    Jimmie Frazier immediately called her husband after discovering... More
  • David Roche's  photo

    David Roche

    Congratulations to Erath resident David Roche on his... More
  • Darrellisa Reese's  photo

    Darrellisa Reese

    "I couldn't believe it!" Darrellisa Reese recalled of... More
  • Willie Varnado's  photo

    Willie Varnado

    Congratulations to Lake Charles resident Willie Varnado on... More
  • Penny Henry's  photo

    Penny Henry

    Penny purchased her winning ticket at Galvez Super... More
  • Derek Trail's  photo

    Derek Trail

    Congratulations to Lake Charles resident Derek Trail on... More
  • Dorcia Guidry's  photo

    Dorcia Guidry

    Congratulations to Morgan City resident Dorcia Guidry! She... More
  • Ashley Campbell's  photo

    Ashley Campbell

    "It seems so surreal," Ashley Campbell described when... More
  • John Brown's  photo

    John Brown

    John Brown immediately called his wife Carolyn (pictured... More
  • Cory Mayhall's  photo

    Cory Mayhall

    "We were just thirsty!" Cory said of the... More
  • Beverly Navarre's  photo

    Beverly Navarre

    This summer has brought lots of Lottery luck... More
  • Michelle Wilson's  photo

    Michelle Wilson

    Long-time Lottery player Michelle Wilson recently won $1,000... More
  • Henry Richard's  photo

    Henry Richard

    Henry Richard was very happy to win $1,000... More
  • Jonathan Bailey's  photo

    Jonathan Bailey

    Jonathan Bailey recently nabbed the last top prize... More


  • Winners appearing here are only those who granted the Lottery permission for publicity
  • This compilation does not include every Lottery winner.