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  • Alexis Cruz's  photo

    Alexis Cruz

    Congratulations to Kenner resident Alexis Cruz on his June 2... More
  • Stacey Annaloro's  photo

    Stacey Annaloro

    Stacey Annaloro said she "just could not believe it,&qu... More
  • Ronald Toney's  photo

    Ronald Toney

    Congratulations to Pineville resident Ronald Toney! "I... More
  • Mary Clingon's  photo

    Mary Clingon

    Congratulations to Hattiesburg, MS resident Mary C. Clingon... More
  • Candi Monnerjahn's  photo

    Candi Monnerjahn

    "I just kept looking at each number over and over for a... More
  • Cedrick Chism's  photo

    Cedrick Chism

    Hazlehurst resident Cedrick Chism says he was in "disbe... More
  • Donna Stutts's  photo

    Donna Stutts

    "I was in total disbelief," Donna Stutts said, rec... More
  • Bart Begley's  photo

    Bart Begley

    Bart purchased his winning ticket at Miller's Mart, loca... More
  • Sarah Hebert's  photo

    Sarah Hebert

    “I never would have thought I would win!” said S... More
  • Richard Miller's  photo

    Richard Miller

    St. Rose resident Dr. Richard Miller won $10,000 playing Pow... More
  • Richard Graves's  photo

    Richard Graves

    "My wife made me buy a ticket," is all Richard Gra... More
  • Anthony Richard's  photo

    Anthony Richard

    Anthony purchased his winning ticket at Gordon's Self Se... More
  • Nancy Proctor's  photo

    Nancy Proctor

    Nancy purchased her winning ticket at Mac's Sugar City M... More
  • Trina Keeton's  photo

    Trina Keeton

    Trina purchased her winning ticket at Albany-Stop-N-Go, loca... More
  • Maxwell Gluckler's  photo

    Maxwell Gluckler

    Maxwell purchased his winning ticket at Darla-K Food Mart in... More


  • Winners appearing here are only those who granted the Lottery permission for publicity
  • This compilation does not include every Lottery winner.