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  • Tanya Gibson's  photo

    Tanya Gibson

    Tanya, a resident of Butler, Ala., had a ticket which matche... More
  • Aubrey Quibodeaux's  photo

    Aubrey Quibodeaux

    Aubrey's Powerball ticket matched four of six numbers plus t... More
  • Lorie Judice's  photo

    Lorie Judice

    Lorie's ticket matched five of the six numbers drawn to win... More
  • Jerry Jackson's  photo

    Jerry Jackson

    Jerry's ticket matched four of the five white ball numbers p... More
  • Rachael Mouton's  photo

    Rachael Mouton

    Rachael's ticket matched four of five numbers plus the Power... More
  • Jewel Templet's  photo

    Jewel Templet

    While passing through Lake Charles, Jewel decided to pu... More
  • Carl Delamar's  photo

    Carl Delamar

    Calling their win "overwhelming," Mr. and Mrs. Carl Delamar... More
  • Kimberly Rigol's  photo

    Kimberly Rigol

    Kimberly's ticket matched all five of the white balls exclud... More
  • Harvey Sbisa III's  photo

    Harvey Sbisa III

    Harvey's ticket matched four of the five numbers plus the Po... More


  • Winners appearing here are only those who granted the Lottery permission for publicity
  • This compilation does not include every Lottery winner.