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  • Joyce Breaud's  photo

    Joyce Breaud

    Breaud's numbers matched four of the white balls... More
  • Georgia Stout's  photo

    Georgia Stout

    Stout matched four of the white balls drawn... More
  • Michael Cassanova's  photo

    Michael Cassanova

    Cassanova's numbers matched four of the white balls... More
  • Daniel Chaney's  photo

    Daniel Chaney

    "I am absolutely ecstatic!" said Chaney, who plans... More
  • Daniel Ventura's  photo

    Daniel Ventura

    "I am still in shock!" said Ventura.... More
  • Anna Schenck's  photo

    Anna Schenck

    Schenck's ticket matched four of the white balls... More
  • Susan East's  photo

    Susan East

    East's ticket matched four white balls drawn and... More
  • Chassidy Bourgue's  photo

    Chassidy Bourgue

    Bourque's ticket matched four of the five white... More
  • Steve McCoy's  photo

    Steve McCoy

    McCoy's ticket won $100 but also got the... More
  • Earnest Darcey's  photo

    Earnest Darcey

    Earnest had a ticket that matched four of... More
  • Greta Burnaman's  photo

    Greta Burnaman

    Greta's ticket matched all five white balls drawn... More
  • John Boyett's  photo

    John Boyett

    John's Powerball ticket matched four of six numbers... More


  • Winners appearing here are only those who granted the Lottery permission for publicity
  • This compilation does not include every Lottery winner.