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  • Chance Passmore's  photo

    Chance Passmore

    Congratulations to Chance Passmore of Belle Chasse... More
  • Monique Ivey's  photo

    Monique Ivey

    Monique Ivey of Mandeville and her husband were excited... More
  • Michael Doran's  photo

    Michael Doran

    Michael Doran of Edgar was shocked to discover the Louisiana... More
  • Leslie Fayard's  photo

    Leslie Fayard

    Leslie Fayard of Holden thought she was going to faint when... More
  • Tyrone Jackson's  photo

    Tyrone Jackson

    Tyrone Jackson of New Orleans was full of excitement wh... More
  • Spencer Russell's  photo

    Spencer Russell

    Spencer Russell felt like he was on top of the world after p... More
  • Brenda Kay Collins's  photo

    Brenda Kay Collins

    Brenda and her husband are still in shock after winning $15,... More
  • Joseph Edwards's  photo

    Joseph Edwards

    Congratulations to Joseph Edwards who "finally won"... More
  • James Balci's  photo

    James Balci

     James Balci of Hammond was all smiles after winning $5... More
  • Rechker Houston's  photo

    Rechker Houston

    Congratulations to Rechker Houston of Marrero on winning $27... More
  • Velma Poublanc's  photo

    Velma Poublanc

    "I couldn't believe it. After 20 years, I finally g... More
  • Clarence Thomas's  photo

    Clarence Thomas

    Clarence Thomas was unbelievably happy to find out he won a... More


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