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  • Carole Martin's  photo

    Carole Martin

    Carole Martin of Cleveland, Texas wanted to purchase... More
  • Deidra Vasseur's  photo

    Deidra Vasseur

    Deidra Vasseur shed several tears of joy after... More
  • John Guidry's  photo

    John Guidry

    "This is my fourth time winning!" exclaimed John... More
  • Erwin Wallace's  photo

    Erwin Wallace

    Congratulations to Erwin Wallace of Monroe who won... More
  • Clarence Dural Jr.'s  photo

    Clarence Dural Jr.

    Congratulations to Clarence Dural Jr. of Lafayette! He... More
  • Victor Richard's  photo

    Victor Richard

    Victor Richard of Morgan City was feeling lucky... More
  • Alvin Cage's  photo

    Alvin Cage

    Congratulations to Alvin Cage of Ruston on his... More
  • Jackie Duff's  photo

    Jackie Duff

    Jackie Duff of West Monroe was "surprised and... More
  • Chryl Hill's  photo

    Chryl Hill

    Congratulations to Chryl Hill of New Iberia on... More
  • Byron Recard's  photo

    Byron Recard

    "God is good!" exclaimed Byron Recard of Alexandria... More
  • Ken Amos Sr.'s  photo

    Ken Amos Sr.

    Ken Amos Sr. loves to play Powerball. In... More
  • Michael Nelson's  photo

    Michael Nelson

    Congratulations to Michael Nelson of Monroe who was... More
  • Greg Dillon's  photo

    Greg Dillon

    "I was so excited I had to tell... More
  • Anissa Reed's  photo

    Anissa Reed

    Anissa had been playing the same numbers on... More
  • Katina Hodges's  photo

    Katina Hodges

    Congratulations to Katina Hodges on winning $2,700 on... More


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  • This compilation does not include every Lottery winner.