Ashley Campbell's $ winner photo
HometownBaton Rouge
RetailerCracker Barrel Store #34

"It seems so surreal," Ashley Campbell described when she visited the Lottery's headquarters, only 20 minutes after she scratched her winning ticket. Ashley was cashing in a Powerball ticket worth $16 and a couple of scratch-offs that won $10 when the retailer asked if she would like to buy any new scratch-offs with her winnings. "I took the last 3 $ scratch-offs, to finish off the pack and the third was a winner!" she recalled. 

Ashley purchased the $2 scratch-offs at Cracker Barrel Store #34 off of Burbank. She plans to use her new cash to take care of her kids "I'll be paying over on my mortgage, then bills, bills, bills!" she said with certainty. Congratulations Ashley!

Cracker Barrel Store #34 Map