No.Game NameRemainingTop PrizePrice% ClaimedStart Date
137650x The Cash1 of 5$200,000$1086%07/12/2021
1386Power 10'S4 of 6$200,000$1044%08/30/2021
1401Wild Cash2 of 3$200,000$1033%10/18/2021
1367Bonus Double Match1 of 3$100,000$583%06/01/2021
1382Saints Game Ready3 of 4$100,000$550%08/23/2021
1392Cash Eruption3 of 4$100,000$530%10/25/2021
1389Lucky 72 of 4$100,000$540%10/04/2021
1396$100,000 Happy Holidays2 of 3$100,000$527%10/25/2021
1381Wild Bingo2 of 5$30,000$349%08/23/2021
1385Unlock It2 of 4$30,000$344%09/13/2021
1395Groovy Slingo3 of 4$30,000$321%10/25/2021
1404One-Word Crossword5 of 5$30,000$34%11/15/2021
1380New Orleans Saints4 of 6$20,000$247%08/23/2021
137310x The Cash2 of 7$20,000$275%07/12/2021
1353Cash Drop1 of 4$18,000$281%04/19/2021
1361King Of Cash2 of 5$15,000$252%06/14/2021
1371Bonus Bucks2 of 4$15,000$236%10/11/2021
1403Booming Bucks6 of 7$15,000$24%11/15/2021
1378Boo Bucks1 of 3$13,000$283%08/02/2021
13573 Ways To Win!2 of 7$12,000$284%05/17/2021
1388Gold6 of 6$12,000$227%10/04/2021
1394The Ornament Game3 of 4$12,000$224%10/25/2021
1356Heads Or Tails5 of 8$6,000$164%05/17/2021
13725x The Cash2 of 11$5,000$172%07/12/2021
1379Double Win8 of 11$5,000$137%08/23/2021
1301Lucky Gold3 of 16$4,000$176%03/15/2021
1360Fab 4s2 of 9$4,000$173%06/14/2021
1387Match 3 Tripler6 of 9$3,000$127%10/04/2021
1368Lucky Roll5 of 9$2,100$173%06/28/2021
1402Aces High12 of 12$2,100$14%11/15/2021
1377Fast 253 of 9$1,000$158%08/02/2021
1393Holiday Fun50 of 75$129%10/25/2021
Prize data last updated: 11/27/2021 06:01:23 AM CST


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