Block-O Bingo - Game No. 1154

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Game Summary
Ticket Price:$3
Top Prize:$30,000
Overall Odds of Winning:--
Top Prizes Remaining:--
Approximate Percent Claimed:--
Launch Date:07/13/18
Close Date:02/07/19
Final Redemption Date:06/04/19

How to Play

How to Play

WIN UP TO $30,000!

  1. Scratch the YOUR BLOCK NUMBERS play area to reveal your 26 numbers.
  2. Scratch ONLY the numbers in the BLOCK GRID play area which match those in the YOUR BLOCK NUMBERS play area.
  3. Scratch all six FREE spots in the BLOCK GRID.  Each FREE spot is a free match.
  4. If you match all of the numbers around a PRIZE block in the BLOCK GRID, win prize shown in that same PRIZE block.
  5. If  you win in the BLOCK GRID, scratch the MULTIPLIER BOX.  Multiply your total prize won by the number shown in the MULTIPLIER BOX.


  • Only YOUR  BLOCK NUMBERS  may be used to match numbers in the BLOCK GRID.
  • A winning PRIZE  block must be completely surrounded by an unbroken, continuous line of 12 matched BLOCK GRID numbers and 2 FREE spots.
  • A PRIZE block can only win once.  Your may win on more than one PRIZE block, provided each winning PRIZE block is completely surrounded by BLOCK GRID numbers that match YOUR BLOCK NUMBERS.
Prize Chart
Tier PrizeOdds of WinningTotalClaimedRemaining
$30,0001 in 321,725--3--
$1,0001 in 34,470.54--25--
$1001 in 891.20--993--
$501 in 302.47--2,923--
$301 in 280.74--3,084--
$251 in 100.03--9,089--
$151 in 100.08--9,032--
$101 in 30.01--30,207--
$51 in 21.41--41,983--
$41 in 21.41--41,363--
TICKET 1 in 10--87,973--
Prize data last updated: 07/06/2020 03:24:08 PM CDT

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