Game Details

While everyone else is hustling and bustling this season, the best gift is literally right under your fingertips. Holiday scratch-offs from the Lottery! Packed with fun and excitement, they're always the right size, color and best of all, people love to RETURN them for prizes of up to $100,000. With three different games and nine different scenes, holiday shopping is in the bag!


Looking for a gift that's fun for your friends and fun for your-selfie? Snap a few Selfie Surprise -- the $1 scratch-off that fits every budget and doubles as a festive gift tag. With four different scenes and an easy find-the-symbol playstyle, it also offers good-looking $1,000 top prizes! Get the picture?



Spread a little cheer this holiday with Peng Win! The $2 holiday scratch-off features three different adorable penguin scenes! Plus you and your friends may just waddle away with up to $10,000!


What’s on your holiday wish list? The Lottery’s $100,000 WISH LIST scratch-off should be at the top of it! With 15 chances to win up to $100,000, it’s a whole lot of fun in one small package! Wish no further!




Selfie Surprise Promo

What's your favorite holiday "surprise"? Take a selfie with it and share it on the Lottery's Facebook timeline to win a Lottery holiday prize package, including a $20 worth of our holiday scratch-offs, a selfie stick, 2017 calendar and a Powerball stress ball.

When: December 5-9, 2016

Where: On Facebook, upload your photo and comment to the designated promotion post: (link to post)

Who: Louisiana residents who are at least 21 yeas of age can enter!

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Wish List Promo

What's on your $100K WISH LIST? On Twitter, retweet our promotional tweet that includes #100kwishlist with your answer and be entered to win one of 10 Lottery holiday prize packages, including a $20 worth of our holiday scratch-offs, a selfie stick, 2017 calendar and a Powerball stress ball.

When: December 5-9, 2016

Where: On Twitter, retweet our promo tweet that includes the hashtag #100kwishlist with your wish list item for a chance (link to post)

Who: Louisiana residents who are at least 21 yeas of age can enter!

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Radio Promos

Listen to select radio stations below fromDecember 5-16 for a chance to call-in to win a "Louisiana Lottery Selfie Surprise Package" including 1 $5$100,000 WISH LISTscratch-off, 3 $2Peng Win!scratch-offs, 4 $1Selfie Surprisescratch-offs, a Lottery-branded selfie stick, 2017 calendar and Powerball stressball. One prize will be given away on air each weekday on each station during the promotion.

In celebration of our 25th anniversary, here's a bit of trivia! The Lottery's very first holiday game was called Holiday Cash, which launched in November 1991!

Alexandria: KQID-FM & KRRV-FM

Baton Rouge: WDGL-FM & KQXL-FM

Lafayette: KTDY-FM & KMDL-FM

Lake Charles: KJMH-FM, KKGB-FM & KYKZ-FM


New Orleans: WYLD-FM & WNOE-FM

Shreveport: KVKI-FM & KXKS-FM

Listen and enter to WIN!

Gift Ideas

1.Have a Party Scavenger Hunt!There's no better way to get a holiday party started than a scavenger hunt for scratch-offs. To add to the excitement and novelty, hide the scratch-offs in places that relate to the tickets theme. Then, have party guests draw the name of the scratch-offs from a hat or bowl as their clue. A variation to this idea is a Holiday Scratch-off Treasure Hunt. Come up with a list of clues, that progressively leads the player to where you've hidden a sampling of this years line up of Lottery's holiday games for only $10!

2. Scratch-off Charades. Have party guests choose the names of scratch-offs written on small pieces of paper from a hat or bowl. In the name of each scratch-off, circle which words or words the player must act out, charade-style, for the group. The one that guesses, gets that scratch-off as a prize. Mix in easy and hard ones! Click here for alist of all current scratch-offsto start creating your charades list.

3. Taste of Louisiana!Do you have family or business associates coming in town during this time? Give them a taste of Louisiana with a Louisiana-themed scratch-off or attach a holiday scratch-off to a welcoming gift.

4. White Elephant.There's no better crowd-pleaser for a white elephant gift exchange than scratch-offs. Not only are they holiday-themed and inexpensive, but you can pick them up conveniently at any Lottery retailer. Its the gift that everyone will be stealing. For those whove never participated in a white elephant exchange, heres how it works. Everyone brings a wrapped gift of similar price. All the wrapped gifts are placed in a pile or under the tree. Participants draw numbers, with #1 selecting and opening a gift. Participant #2 can either steal #1s gift or choose and unwrap a gift from the pile. The game continues until all the gifts are opened and each participants has a gift. If a participant has their gift stolen they can steal from someone else or choose to unwrap a new gift. Some rules to decide on ahead of time include whether a gift can be stolen back or how many times a gift can be stolen.

5. A Little Goes a Long Way.Does your list seem to grow out of control each year? Its easy for spending to get out of control and yet you want to do a little something for those whove made you life easier throughout the year, including mail carriers, hairdressers, party hosts, coworkers, and more. With prizes of up to $100,000, holiday scratch-offs say thanks in a BIG way for only $1, $2, or $5.

6. Stocking Stuffers.Isnt it exciting to discover the tiny treasures inside? With the chance to win up to $100,000, holiday scratch-offs are the perfect grown-up stocking stuffer surprise!

7. String of Lights Race.While everybody loves to trim the tree, NOBODY likes the job of untangling the tree lights! Turn this holiday dread into a delight. Race to see who can get them undone first, with the winner awarded a scratch-off ticket. Or, better yet, bribe your sweetheart with a handful of them to get the job done, period!

8. A Substitute for Gift Tags.Looking to add pizzazz and appeal to a wrapped gift? Try attaching a scratch-off as a gift tag. Scratch-offs draw attention to your gift and gets a smile even before its unwrapped!

9. Holiday Cards.Do you send out cards wishing your friends and family a happy holiday season? Make your card a little merrier and memorable by including one of the Lottery's holiday scratch-offs. Now that's a spirited greeting!

10. Take a Ticket Tree.This makes for great ice breaker the office party! Decorate a small tree with holiday scratch-off tickets and number the back of them. Have guests draw numbers and locate their ticket on the tree. Have everyone scratch away to extended the excitement