Hit it big with the Hit family of games from the Lottery! Each game is LOADED with prizes and with games at the $1, $2, $3, $5 and $10 price points, there’s something for everyone! 

The Hit family is unique and offers a small top prize with a higher-than-average number of winners of the ‘hit’ prize amount PLUS secondary prizes. 

Each of the games features the popular key-number-match playstyle, but the higher the price point, the more times players can win! 

Hit $100 offers top prizes of $100. Hit $200 has top prizes of $200 and a "2X" doubler symbol allowing players the chance to double their win. Hit $300 has top prizes of $300 and a "3X" symbol offering players a chance to win triple the prize shown and Hit $500 has a top prize of $500 with a "5X" symbol, giving players the chance to win five times the prize shown. Lastly, Hit $5,000 has top prizes of $5,000 and offers a "10X" symbol with the opportunity to win up to 10 times the prize shown! 

Play your favorite or try all five! Get yours at your favorite Lottery retailer today!